Pascal's Wager available on Android

Pascal's Wager available on Android

Fans have been waiting for it, Pascal's Wager is now available on Android and iOS. The game was already released for iPhone users, it is now available to all mobile gamers!
This game, very similar to the Dark Souls series, offers a mysterious atmosphere and a challenging adventure. With well done graphics, it's a complete immersive game that deserves a look.
Beware though, it's not free!

Pascal's Wager gameplay preview on Android.
Many similarities with Dark Souls

The principle of Pascal's Wager

The game is a reference to the wager of Blaise Pascal, the famous French philosopher. According to him, it is in everyone's interest to believe in God, whatever the reality of things.
In this game, it is difficult to know if God exists, especially with the abominations that populate the game world. But one thing is certain. The fantasy is real and you will have to fight a whole series of monsters.

Character available from Pascal's Wager on Android.
Several characters are playable with their own characteristics.

In this adventure, you must find the cause of a mysterious fog that could well be of divine origin. In a very dark world, like Dark Souls, dangerous battles follow one another and death awaits you at every corner.
You should therefore not be surprised to have to start certain battles several times before succeeding, as the bosses can be particularly ferocious.

How to play Pascal's Wager on Android?

It's not free-to-play, it costs 3.59 euros in the Google Play Store. It's not a classic mobile game that you play to pass the time on the road. It's a complete adventure game, with a real story and a very rich universe.
It's also possible to connect a gamepad for players who are more used to the console.
Android users can be happy. Although the game was released on the platform with a small delay compared to iOS users, the "TheMist" expansion is already included!

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