Neural Cloud released on Android and iOS

Neural Cloud released on Android and iOS

Did you like Girls' Frontline? Discover the new game of the IP now with the Neural Cloud release on mobile. Let's see what's in store for us in this strategy game developed by the Japanese studio Sunborn Network Technology, in which you will have to collect warrior dolls to save the world.

Neural Cloud released on mobile

Neural Cloud release on Android and iOS comes four years after Girls' Frontline, in which we discovered the universe of this dystopian future in which the fate of humanity rests on fighting dolls equipped with various deadly weapons.

This time, it is the existence of the dolls that is threatened. Indeed, the warriors have faced too powerful opponents, which has forced them to disperse. While the humans have abandoned the dolls, it is up to you to take care of the Neural Cloud Project.

Search for the exiles and gather them in the Oasis, their new home. Train these next-generation dolls to dispel neural clouds, which will reveal the secrets of their past. Explore the area to find a way out for the exiles.

Gameplay and graphics

In terms of gameplay, the Neural Cloud release offers strategic battles with a hexagonal operation that integrates roguelike mechanics. At the beginning of each round, you plan the moves of your characters, which are then played at the same time as those of your opponent.

You'll need to balance your team by taking into account friendship buffs before battle and move them efficiently during if you want to win. Outside of battle, use the materials you collect during your exploration to build improvements to the Oasis.

Visually, the title stands up very well thanks to its anime-style character design in the cinematics and in the menus. In combat, the graphics are more chibi-style, but the animations are fluid and the execution dynamic. Moreover, some skills trigger good cinematics.

Visual of the Neural Cloud release

Finally, despite being a gacha RPG, Neural Cloud doesn't push players too hard to buy, especially since the game is primarily PvE, so there's less incentive to want to progress quickly.

So much for the Neural Cloud release, the new game from the Girls' Frontline IP, available for free on iOS and Android. To stay informed about recent releases, I redirect you to our new mobile games page.

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