Oxenfree Netflix Edition release on Android and iOS

Oxenfree: Netflix edition released on Android and iOS

After the Lucky Luna release at the beginning of the month, it's now the Oxenfree Netflix edition that appears on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Let's find out together what's in store for this mobile version of Night School Studio's narrative game, available on Android and iOS and reserved for subscribers of the SVOD platform.

Oxenfree Netflix Edition release

Critically acclaimed when it was released on PC and consoles in 2016, Night School Studio's indie game is back in the news with the Oxenfree Netflix Edition. Immerse yourself in an immersive world where the supernatural blends with poetry. Play as Alex on a normal night out with friends, until one of them manages to communicate with ghosts through a radio.

It's up to you to help this teenager make the right choices in this game whose gameplay is oriented towards narrative. If your choices will logically influence the main plot, it is mainly on your relationships with the other characters that they will have a direct impact.

In an 80's atmosphere, the script develops its characters and tackles interesting themes, such as the passage to adulthood and all the questions that this implies.

A neat artistic direction and new subtitles

Visually, Oxenfree Netflix Edition benefits from an art direction that I would describe as soft and melancholic, with its pastel colors and omnipresent fog effect. This gives way to long contemplation phases supported by a beautiful soaring soundtrack composed for the game.

Oxenfree Netflix edition gameplay

It is possible that, like many people, you missed this nugget, because the game was only available in English when it was released. Since the dialogues take place in real time, it is necessary to make decisions quickly, which required a certain command of the Shakespeare's language.

Well, with the Oxenfree Netflix edition, you'll finally be able to enjoy it since the game now includes subtitles in 24 languages. So, if you want to discover the game and you are a Netflix subscriber, Oxenfree is available now on Android and iOS. To stay informed about the news of your favorite games, I invite you to regularly consult our section dedicated to mobile news.

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