NetEase Connect 2022: Summary of announcements

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NetEase Games is a prolific mobile gaming studio, and it proved this once again at its annual NetEase Connect 2022 event. On the agenda: the arrival of Naraka on mobile, gameplay for Mission Zero, the announcement of Once Be Human and a new trailer for Harry Potter: Magic Emerges.

NetEase Connect 2022 announcements

Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile

Following the game's success on Steam, Naraka: Bladepoint will soon be coming to mobile. The port of this Battle Royale, which focuses on martial arts, will benefit from quality graphics, as seen in the trailer below.

No release date yet, but you can sign up for the newsletter to try to be selected for the upcoming test phases.

Mission Zero

Already announced more than a year ago, Mission Zero has been revived during NetEase Connect 2022. We still don't have a release date, but the spy game with asymmetric gameplay is revealed in a trailer.

Once Be Human

We continue this summary of the NetEase Connect 2022 announcements with the presentation of Once Be Human, a strange and mysterious game. The short teaser tells us almost nothing, but we know that it is a survival game that takes place 30 years after the collapse of our civilisation.

As monsters wreak havoc on the world, humanity's only hope lies with the Beyonders, enhanced humans. Visually, Once Be Human appears to be a curious mix between Death Stranding, Alien and Ready Player One.

Harry Potter Magic Emerges

To round off NetEase Connect 2022, the studio unveiled a new trailer for its most anticipated game, Harry Potter : Magic Emerges. This mobile title, based on the famous Harry Potter licence, will plunge you into the world of wizards from Hogwarts. You will have to build your best deck to win your multiplayer battles.

Pre-registration is now open if you want to be among the first to join your favourite house and follow in the footsteps of your favourite students. So pack up your books and potions and get on your broomstick and head to Hogwarts.

However, the release date has not yet been revealed, although the trailer confirms that the card game will be available by the end of the year. For more information on the game, we told you some time ago about the approaching worldwide release of Harry Potter : Magic Emerges.

NetEase Connect 2022

That's it for the summary of the NetEase Connect 2022 announcements. If the games presented seem interesting and varied, we still regret theabsence of release date for all the titles.

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