Mission Zero: the new mobile action-spy game announced by NetEase

NetEase Mission Zero

A brand new game with a Hitman flavour was announced by NetEase last week. Introducing Mission Zero, a 2v4 action-spy game! 😁

Latest news on Mission Zero by NetEase !

Continuing the Hitman universe, NetEase has unveiled its new mobile game called Mission Zero. This game allows you to act as a secret agent in a 2 vs 4 game mode. Players will be able to play in one of two possible factions: Mobius (2 players) and Sirius (4 players).

The main role of the Sirius faction players is to stealthily collect information and infiltrate. While the main role of the Mobius faction is to reveal the hidden side of Sirius! Here you can use holographic camouflage and learn how to make all kinds of traps!

On the menu: violence, computers and holograms, espionage techniques and feuds between factions. A game that promises to be atypical since, according to rumours, developers who worked on Assassin's Creed have participated in Mission Zero!

Mission Zero game image
The new Mission Zero game

Ready for a non-pay-to-win action-spy game? We are! Stay tuned, we'll tell you more as soon as this new game from NetEase is released. Even if the official release date is still unknown, we can't wait to test Mission Zero for you. In the meantime, tell us in comments what you think of this new mobile release!

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