My Time at Portia is coming to mobile!

My Time at Portia on mobile

The role-playing and simulation game My Time at Portia is coming soon to mobile ! This was announced at the last Taptap conference. Released in 2019 on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playsation and Xbox, the game developed by Pathea Games now hopes to seduce players on smartphones. After a great success on PC, it remains to be seen how the game will adapt on the mobile medium. While the last few months have confirmed that the mobile gaming sector is growing rapidly, My Time at Portia has all the characteristics to please!

The principle of the game My Time at Portia

In this simulation game, you play a young farm boy. Your mission is to rebuild the family business after the apocalypse and make it prosperous. As part of the town of Portia, you will be able to interact with the other inhabitants to carry out your project.

The simulation aspect is even stronger as your choices have consequences for the rest of your adventure.

My Time at Portia soon on mobile
A world that gives you a lot of freedom!

On the one hand, you have to manage your farm (cultivation, breeding). But on the other hand, you also have the possibility toexplore the vast outsideworld.
There are many dungeons and ruins to visit. These are dangerous places where you can find monsters... but also precious treasures! There are many choices and everyone will have their own style of play. It's just a matter of finding the right balance to have the most efficient method possible.

Where and when to find the game?

There is no official date for the mobile release at the moment. While waiting for the release for more details, we can assume that the game will be released for the year 2021.

The trailer for the PC version.

As the announcement of the game 's port to mobile was made via the Taptap conference, one can thus suspect that it will be a Taptap exclusive and pre-registrations are already open.

A good solution to get the game as soon as it is officially released. Just go to theTaptap applicationFill in the form and wait patiently. For those in a hurry, you can always go to Steam or the Nintendo eShop to play the PC or console version!

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