Mutant Madness: Ninja Turtles RPG released on mobile

Mutant Madness Ninja Turtles game on mobile

Amongst the cartoons that rocked our childhood, some have left more of an impression on us than others. The Ninja Turtles , made up of Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, are among those who have left their mark. Mutant Madness allows you to find them on your mobile! In a game of RPG type game offering a very dynamic rhythm, this is an opportunity to find these 4 heroes and help them in their adventures.

Mutant Madness is a mobile game developed by Kongregate's Synapse studio. This studio is behind several RPG games such as BattleHand or Realm Grinder. Although they get good ratings on Google Play, their success is still very relative. They don't have a lot of downloads yet and the studio hopes to do much better with this Ninja Turtles mobile game. This one starts with a head start, the Turtles already have many nostalgic fans!

Recruit the best Ninja Turtles team on your mobile

This Ninja Turtles game follows the classic principle of a mobile RPG. As you progress, you will need to collect the best characters to create a formation adapted to the different challenges you will face. Characters have levels and become more and more powerful.
Each character has its own characteristics and can learn exclusive skills from a vast choice. Offensive skills, defensive skills, supportskills... There is something for everyone. But be careful! It is difficult to go back once you have made your choice.

Nostalgic players will have the opportunity to meet most of the protagonists (and antagonists) of the saga. Your team will take into account the types of characters and their power, generally linked to their rarity. This means that good guys and bad guys can live together and fight hand in hand. Among the playable characters, in addition to the 4 Turtles, we find the King of the Rats, Krang, Slash or Master Splinter.

Characters of the game Ninja Turtles mobile

Mutant Madness: several game modes

Thegameplay experience should be quite varied in the Ninja Turtles mobile game. Most levels will be PvE , but there will also be PvP battles against other players. Adapt your training according to the game mode, as some characters are more effective than others depending on the situation. In parallel, you will also have the possibility to build your lair, in the sewers of New York. This will passively produce resources and allow you toimprove your characters.

Ninja Turtles mobile gameplay

Available on iOS and AndroidWill you play this Ninja Turtle game on your mobile ?

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