Mortal Kombat Mobile: Rain arrives for 6th anniversary

Mortal Kombat Mobile Rain is coming

The license Mortal Kombat offers a vast array of fighters. The roster is so large, they've been coming and going in different versions of the game since the first release in 1992. To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the game on the phone, fans will have the chance to welcome Rain Mortal Kombat Mobile. This ninja is one of the favourite characters, so he becomes a new Diamond Kombatant.

Rain is not the only addition and for the 6th anniversary and many other contents have been integrated. On the agenda are the "Relic Hunt" event, freerewards and a new Fatal Blow for Shang Tsung.

What features does Rain Mortal Kombat Mobile have?

Rain is coming to Mortal Kombat Mobile in its MK11 version. Able to control water and lightning, he will be able to chain together lethal combos with his Thunderbolt. Passively, he will also be able to counter-attack to respond to his opponents' basic attacks. If necessary, he will apply the Soaking effect to slow down his targets and make them vulnerable.
Rain has no time to lose and will start each fight with a power bar.

A Relic Hunt event

Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat
The basic map can be improved.

This event will run from April 5-12 and will allow players to free Shao Kahn. Scour the various towers to collect spirit fragments and summon a Shao Kahn diamond card. Mortal Kombat Mobile will also be offering 50 free souls per day for the occasion!

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