Mobile Games News Review | Week of June 7-13, 2021

Mobile games news round-up week 23

Check out the weekly round-up of mobile gaming news for the week of June 7 to 13, 2021! We'll let you find out all about it. ⬇️

1️⃣ The Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone is getting its Mobile version! At the moment we have fairly little information about Warzone Mobile, but it is believed that the official announcement will be made during E3. The studio has just put online some job offers that say a lot...

2️⃣ In the ranking of the publishers with the highest revenue, we find Tencent in first position, the Chinese giant, the main shareholder of Riot Games, followed closely by NetEase, another Chinese mobile game giant that is currently working on Diablo Immortal !

3️⃣ Team Liquid has announced the Summer ShowDown in Europe and North America. This is an open competition with $10,000 cash-prize per region.

4️⃣ Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, the strategy RPG game at turn-based has just released the Shadows Over Hammerhal DLC. It brings a brand new campaign, 35 new environments, 10 new enemy types, etc.

5️⃣ Patch 1.2.5 from Lost Centuria arrived this week and brought with it 2 new monsters, Mo Long and Jean, a new spell "Mark of the Apocalypse", as well as improvements to rewards.

6️⃣ The game Harry Potter Magic Awakened is coming to Mobile! Announced in Asia by NetEase and Warner Bros. It will be a card game with an RPG concept.

7️⃣ The Nugget Among Us has found a buyer on Ebay for $100,000! The price for this simple nugget has gone through the roof even though the seller had put it at 99 cents!

Be sure to check out the latest mobile game releases to see what's new! See you next week for fresh news on your favourite mobile games! 😃

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