Mobile Games News Review | Week of July 12-18, 2021

July's mobile news round-up

Check out the weekly recap of mobile gaming news on Android and iOS for the week of July 12 to 19, 2021! We'll let you find out all about it. ⬇️

1️⃣ What The Golf? the golf game for those who don't like golf, is getting a free update. Entitled A Hole New World (the English among you will understand the pun), this one adds many new levels and holes that can now be discovered on Apple Arcade or Switch and soon on other platforms.

2️⃣ Notice to those who looted as many bonuses as possible from Pokémon GO Fest 2021! The event ended this weekend, so no more looting. While we wait for Niantic's next plans, we wish you nice rides in search of valuable additions to your Pokédex.

3️⃣ I admit this is the news of the week that surprised me the most. A Full Metal Alchemist mobile game is coming. This announcement is no joke and will delight FMA fans who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the manga. Even if we only got a glimpse of the title's promo, we can't wait to discover the gameplay behind it.

4️⃣ This past glorious week, we were celebrating 5 years of King of Avalon. These were the subject of a big update populated with events, a new game mode, help for new players and much more. Find out more in our article.

5️⃣ Wild Rift joins the ranks of the games present in the brand's tournament that gives wings. Indeed, Season 4 of the Red Bull Mobile Esports Open is an opportunity for Red Bull to increase its pool of games in the hope of attracting ever more participants (no less than 60,000 players for last season.

Be sure to check out the latest mobile game releases to see what's new! See you next week for fresh news on your favourite mobile games. 😃

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