Full Metal Alchemist mobile game announced for the 20th anniversary of the manga

Full Metal Alchemist announced as a mobile game

A Full Metal Alchemist mobile game? You read that right. In the context of the 20th anniversary of the famous manga following the journeys of Edward and Alphonse, Square Enix has announced the future release of an Android and iOS game. Let's check out the trailer as well as the latest news on the subject. 🤩

game Full Metal Alchemist Mobile
Full Metal Alchemist Mobile

Full Metal Alchemist mobile game revealed in trailer

Following Square Enix's announcements at E3, the creators of Final Fantasy collaborated with Gangan Shonen magazine to make a series of official revelations. It is thus the media which revealed, a few hours ago, the promise of a FMA mobile game release. In reality, the future title celebrates the 20th anniversary of the manga created by Hiromu Arakawa, Full Metal Alchemist, in which the two Elric brothers go in search of the philosopher's stone.

Indeed, the manga ended in 2010 and we didn't hear much about FMA until the Netflix movie was released in 2017. A mobile game is bringing back the excitement to fans who have been waiting for it!

A trailer that serves as a preview in the form of dialogue bubbles. It highlights the adventures of the two metal brothers, starting with their quest to return Alphonse's body, which was locked in an armour. But also, the quest for the door of Truth, or their war against the Homonculus. A trailer which, unfortunately, does not show much in terms of gameplay or character design. Here is the famous trailer of the game:

The enigmatic trailer for the Full Metal Alchemist mobile game simply states that new information will be released this winter 2021. Moreover, no release date is known. Not so surprising, since Square Enix didn't even give any information about the plot, the type of game, or the geographical launch. We're not going to complain either, while many fans were thinking about a hypothetical sequel to Brotherhood, the future mobile port is still consoling people. However, we'll have to be patient before we see the FMA mobile game released...

Tell us what you think in the comments. What do you think this upcoming Full Metal Alchemist mobile game will be like? An RPG? An MMORPG? A Visual Novel? Or a mobile MOBA? The debate is open. 😋

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