Mobile simulation games against Covid-19

mobile games covid-19

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is not over yet. While many initiatives are launched by the whole society to help doctors, Level Ex has decided to help in a playful way. The American start-up offers mobile games simulating an intervention against Covid-19!

Known for its simulation games, the company Level Ex has come up with a brilliant idea. While gamers have been downloading a lot of mobile games during the lockdown, Level Ex may have found a good opportunity with a game that raises awareness, informs and educates.

Simulation for better healing

When lives are on hold, every decision has consequences. Without the pressure of death, Level Ex gives doctors a good exercise. They can test their skills and not be afraid of the repercussions. The start-up has added special levels in its mobile games against Covid-19 to Pulm Ex (pulmonary system) and Airway Ex (respiratory system).

A very realistic game useful for doctors but not only!

It contains very realistic scenarios and a lot of information. In addition to doctors, the application may also be of interest to curious individuals. The games are free and accessible to all Android users. But for those who are on IOS, they will have to wait a little.

Guaranteed reliability

Although little is known about the virus, Level Ex reports that the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson was involved in creating these special levels. As a further guarantee, the company has followed the recommendations of theWHO (World Health Organisation) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

While false or unverified information could have disastrous effects, Level Ex preferred to cover its tracks.

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