Mobile Games News Recap | Week of September 19 to 25, 2022

Mobile Games News Recap | Week of September 19 to 25, 2022

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS for the week of September 19th to 25th, 2022! On the agenda this week: a cloud gaming console, new game announcements from TGS and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

New mobile games and announcements

On the mobile games release side, the news is more quiet than the previous weeks. On the other hand, Logitech offered us a nice announcement of a cloud gaming console and we could discover the Cinematic trailer of a mysterious game from Krafton, as well as the one of Ashfall.

Logitech announces G Cloud

Let's start this recap with a hardware announcement from Logitech. At the Logi Play 2022 in Berlin, Logitech presented a whole battery of products, especially audio peripherals, but the one that caught our attention was theG Cloud announcement. This portable cloud gaming console will run on Android and will feature a 7-inch Full HD screen.

From its interface, which resembles those of current consoles, you will be able to access cloud gaming services, such as Xbox Game Pass or Nvidia GeForce Now, but also the Google Play Store and Google applications.

Logitech G Cloud: cloud gaming console announced

In idea, the G Cloud is very reminiscent of the Steam Deck, but with a more aggressive price tag as the Logitech G Cloud will be available from October 17, 2022 for around 350 dollars. Unfortunately, it will initially be reserved for the United States and Canada. For more details on this new cloud gaming console, check out our article dedicated to theLogitech G Cloud announcement.

Ragnarök: Labyrinth play-to-earn release

In terms of this week's mobile releases, Ragnarok Labyrinth opens the ball. The first play-to-earn game of the Ragnarok Online license available since September 22nd on Android and iOS, this title takes all the classic features of Ragnarok games. It's an old-school, yet colorful MMORPG with iconic dungeons and monsters galore in the land of Midgard.

The number of studios aiming for a transition to NFT is uncountable, and even endearing universes like Ni no Kuni are no exception to the rule. However, Ragnarök: Labyrinth still managed to convince 300,000 players to pre-register for its worldwide release in the hope of redeeming a few ONBUFF points and getting rich on their many hours of play.

The Bird That Drinks Tears cinematic trailer

We told you about it at the beginning of August: Krafton is working on a mysterious game based on the Korean web novel The Bird That Drinks Tears, literally the bird that drinks tears, in parallel with PUBG Mobile ongoing development.

This week, the Korean company unveiled a cinematic trailer for this title, which is still entitled "unannounced project" on its official website. Without revealing anything about the gameplay, the trailer presents a certain idea of the graphic style that will inspire the rest of the game's production, even if we'll have to wait several months before we know for sure.

Ashfall : the post-apo MMO presented at TGS

During the Tokyo Game Show 2022, the Chinese studio Legendary Star presented the trailer of Ashfall, its upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG, scheduled for 2023 on iOS and Android. In this survival shooter, you'll play as one of the few survivors of a nuclear war unleashed by an artificial intelligence with the aim of destroying all forms of life from the surface of the Earth. So get ready to explore the ravaged landscapes of our planet and face numerous robots and creatures to find the core of creation and save humanity.

In addition to the usual trailer Cinematic, we could discover in images a fluid gameplay and quality graphics, even if the images correspond to the PC version of the game. The icing on the cake is that Ashfall's music is created by famous composers: Inon Zur, Steve Mazzaro and theiconic Hans Zimmer. To learn more about the game, we have written a detailed article about the Ashfall trailer.

Desta: The Memories Between, the new poetic title from UsTwo Games

Even if Netflix only manages to reach a small percentage of its users with its mobile games, this doesn't stop the American firm from continuing to expand its catalog of titles on Android and iOS week after week. This time, Netflix will release Desta: The Memories Between on September 27, after the game was presented at the Summer Game Fest 2022 this summer.

Produced by the geniuses of Us Two Games, who are also behind the Monument Valley license that I recommend you to discover if you haven't already, Desta: The Memories Between is announced as a strategy dodgeball game at turn-based with roguelike elements. Nevertheless, the title is thought for those who don't like this kind of game at the beginning, and focuses mainly on the in-game narrative behind these mechanics.

Indeed, Desta is a young woman who returns home after spending time elsewhere and goes into dreams to try to repair her relationships with the people she had left behind. Poetic and graphically sublime, Desta offers a genre all its own and will be available ad-free via Netflix subscription on September 27 before later release on PC and consoles.

Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition on Netflix in October

Later this month, Netflix will make available to its subscribers the Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition mobile adaptation. In this sandbox game that mixes action and management, you play as Stella, the replacement for Charon, the mythological ferryman of souls. Navigate the sea in search of wandering spirits and help them cross over to the afterlife. To do this, you must build your boat to house them comfortably, but also to feed them according to their preferences.

Critically acclaimed when it was released in 2020, Spiritfarer is a full-featured game that features both platformer and simulation, available on iOS and Android for Netflix subscribers starting next month.

The Past Within: when the future and the past intertwine

If you're craving a multiplayer game, we've got a strange one that might appeal to you. Due November 2 on Android, iOS, and PC, The Past Within is the follow-up to 14 other games from Rusty Lake and Cube Escape.

Always in a disturbing atmosphere, The Past Within is played this time in two player co-op with one player in the past and one in the future who seek to solve together mysteries linked by time. Completely crossplatform, this title is a point-and-click game with puzzles, an escape game aspect and an essential communication system to be completed, to be discovered in early November on mobile.

Omega Strikers: 3v3 arena battles

Still in multiplayer with your friends, you'll soon be able to play Omega Strikers, a 3v3 competitive mobile arena game currently in PC closed beta, but to be released later this year on all platforms. Produced by Odyssey Interactive, a studio founded by former LoL and TFT players from Riot Games , Omega Strikers features a nicely designed world and characters, and a competitive gameplay with powerful flips and fight sensations.

In a match, the objective is to score 5 goals before the opposing team with a 2 point gap, otherwise the game continues until the gap is closed. Still in team of 3, you can try the solo queue or the multi between friends to face a large number of players in crossplatform when Omega Strikers is released. And if you like the design of the game, you should know that its studio is already working on a second title in development in the same universe.

Valorant Mobile: the secret beta under NDA

Without news since the announcement of its beta test in China and its full gameplay video leak, Valorant mobile is once again at the center of information leaks. This time, we learn via several Twitter accounts that a very private beta test would be underway on Android via the Play Store, but you have no way to participate unless you are personally invited. While this proves that Riot Games is testing its in-development game to a more global audience, we still don't know the release window for Valorant mobile and FPSs continue to pile up on the market.

Road Redemption Mobile: speed and violence

Released in 2019 on Steam, Road Redemption is getting ready to be released on Android and iOS on September 28. In the mobile port of this motorcycle racing game, your driving skills will not be enough to win. Indeed, the particularity of this title from Pixel Dash Studios is that the drivers are armed with katanas, studded baseball bats, axes or shotguns.

The older among you will probably recognize the legacy of the 90's game series, Road Rash. If you're one of the nostalgic ones, head over to our article dedicated to the Road Redemption Mobile pre-registration opening.

Updates and partnerships of the week

Let's move on to the week's updates with the return of a mode that will please the fans of the COD license, the Pokémon Unite and TFT updates, but also Roblox and PUBG New State collaborations.

Return of the zombie mode in COD Mobile

One of the iconic modes of the Call of Duty license will return next month in COD Mobile. Already appearing last year on the Chinese version of the game, Zombie mode will be available in October worldwide. Get ready to face hordes of undead in cooperation with other players. We don't have any more information at the moment about the content or the duration of this mode, but we'll tell you more in due time.

TFT patch 12.18: Daeja and Cosmics rework

TFT welcomes a 12.18 patch that balances champions, traits, augments and items following the many changes in the 7.5 set. There are no major changes in the program, just a few adjustments to compensate for the strong compositions and try to stabilize the meta. We note in particular the rework of the Cosmic trait and the Daeja dragon, as well as the buff of several items Shimmerscale. To discover all the changes of this update, we wrote a detailed article on the TFT patch 12.18.

Dodrio joins the Pokémon Unite roster

After the Mew release earlier this month, Dodrio has now joined the Pokémon Unite roster. This fast-paced melee fighter starts out as Doduo before evolving to level 5. Dodrio is an excellent counter to a Decidueye, but finds himself completely helpless against a Snorlax. 

The next Pokémon to be released in Pokémon Unite is none other than the dreaded Scizor which will be available from September 28, 2022, and will bring the total number of fighters to 42.

Lost Light first content update

As the game has passed the million download mark on mobile, NetEase's survival shooter has just rolled out its first content update. While this Lost Light update adds several skins weapons and camouflage outfits, the big news is the addition of a weather system capable of reproducing the extreme conditions of torrential monsoon rains. As an added bonus, the edges of the Mount Akimaya map have been expanded and you'll find more loot there.

Marvel Future Fight: the Symbiote Invasion II event heroes

With the Symbiote Invasion II update, Marvel Future Fight brings to the forefront four characters from this alien species well known to Spider-Man fans: Venom, Scream, Agent Venom and Toxin. While the first three are already present in the game, Toxin has just joined the Marvel Future Fight roster.

Although he is the Carnage's son, and therefore the Venom's grandson, he is the only symbiote that Peter Parker considers his ally. For the occasion, Venom gets a four-star upgrade and a brand new costume. Scream also sports a new costume that will completely change his fighting style.

Roblox : Barbie and Polly Pocket collaboration

On its side, Roblox has announced two collaborations with cult toy licenses. From now until October 14th, you can find NPCs with the effigy of the little Polly Pocket figurines and every Friday during the event, you will have the possibility to miniaturize your avatar. But that's not all, since from September 30th to October 28th, Barbie will be part of the Roblox universe to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her famous Dreamhouse, which we will probably see in-game.

PUBG New State: a new map and a McLaren collaboration

After Nusa on PUBG Mobile last week, PUBG New State has just unveiled its new map Akinta. On this island with its paradisiacal scenery, travel is made easier by the six tramways lines running from the center to the ends of the map.

You can also use the new vehicle, the Vcab, to drive across the map in an electric car. But if you want a little more speed, complete the missions in the collaboration with the car manufacturer McLaren to win the beautiful supercar 720S Spider.


On the mobile esport side this week, it's PUBG Mobile and Summoners war that are making news with a content creator tournament, a new European champion and world championships coming up.

Medalcore wins the PUBG Mobile Resort Rumble 2022

We stay in the universe of the license of Kraton with our game esport. This week the PUBG Mobile Resort Rumble tournament took place on the new map Nusa. For four days, players from North America, Latin America and Oceania were able to compete for a spot in the finals by joining the 16 content creators squads. In the end, the Medalcore team won the Resort Rumble final, as well as the $10,000 cash prize.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 announced

But that's not all fromesport for PUBG Mobile as Tencent has just announced that the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 will start in November. The 48 teams that qualified for the first part of the competition will compete in the league phase to determine the 13 squads that will participate in the final LAN in Indonesia. With a $4 million total cash prize, the PUBG Mobile World Championship is a must-attendesport .

Pinkroid, the new Summoners War European champion

To conclude our recap of the week, another major competition took place this week with the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2022. The eight best European players competed all day long on September 17th to reach the final between the Dutch Pinkroid and the German Ismoo.

In the end, Pinkroid won and will have to defend the colors of our continent, and incidentally try to win the 100 000 dollars cashprize, during the world final in Seoul in November.

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news!

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