Mobile Games News Recap | Week of October 24 to 30, 2022

Mobile games news of the week October n°5

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS of the week of October 24 to 30, 2022! On the agenda this week: the announcement of Age of Empires mobile, the private beta of Valorant on iOS, huge leaks Genshin Impact, news of the 5.5G and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

Age of Empire mobile announcement

Let's start this recap with the announcement ofAge of Empires mobile. Unveiled in a few seconds teaser by Microsoft, the title doesn't show any gameplay or release date for the moment. We can simply read "coming soon" in the description of the video. But this won't be the first adaptation of the Age of Empires license on mobile, as we already had Age of Empires: Castle Siege and World Domination.

More a mix between RTS and Clash of Clans than a real porting, some titles had a rather weak success. And more recently, Return of Empire, directly from the AoE license, was released in China in March 2022 thanks to Tencent and TiMi Studios but remains in pre-registration for the rest of the world. I think it won't be long before we see the gameplay of Age of Empires mobile in its international version designed by Microsoft.

A private beta Valorant mobile on iOS

After an invitation-only beta at the end of September for hand-picked Android players, Valorant mobile is once again the subject of leaks around a test phase. This time, it's a leak of the game's code on Twitter that reveals that some tests would be underway on Apple devices. When we see that even the iPhone 5s is planned, we think that the optimization should be serious!

Apart from this little leak, the 5v5 shooter and official port of the game from Riot Games hasn't been talked about since a gameplay leak from a test in China several months ago. However, the FPS market on mobile is getting more and more tense with the upcoming arrival of Warzone and Rainbow 6 mobile.

The first Scottish Game Awards

But companies are not the only ones who want to make a name for themselves as a reference in the gaming world. Italy, France and this time Scotland are countries that decide to take steps forward to shine in the industry on an international scale. With this very first edition of the Scottish Game Awards, Scotland decides to reward its best productions of the past years. If some of them are a bit dated like Cloudpunk and its dubious deliveries in the vertical city of Nivalis, others come back to the taste of the day on the calendar.

Winner of the Best Low Budget Game Award, The Baby in Yellow is a Scottish mobile game in which you will participate in the strangest babysitting experience of your life.

Ideally creepy for this Halloween season, The Baby in Yellow is available for free on Android and iOS, with a bonus of dirty diapers and creepy baby laughter.

Clash Royale Update the Monk and the Phoenix

We continue with Clash Royale which has just rolled out its biggest update of the year. In addition to the overhaul of the king's level and the trophy lane, Supercell's game welcomes two new cards. The Monk is a champion that hits three times and repels enemies. His Soul Force ability creates a shield that protects him and his allies and deflects projectiles.

The other new fighter, the Phoenix, is a legendary card that attacks in close combat from the air. When it dies, it deals area damage and leaves an egg that allows it to rise from the ashes. Find all the changes in the Clash Royale Monk and Phoenix update in our detailed article.

Release of the MMORPG Dekaron G on Android, iOS and PC

This week also saw the release of Dekaron G: the global version of ThumbAge's MMORPG, which has already been available in Korea for over a year. Dive into the fantasy world of Trieste, and create your character by first choosing among the 4 main weapons: sword, whip, staff and bow. But this choice is not final. Like the simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, Dekaron G incorporates an equivalent system called Trans-Ups.

Unlockable throughout your adventure, these profiles modify the visual aspect of your character, his statistics and his fighting style. We regret that the auto mode is too present. To learn more about Dekaron G we have prepared an article dedicated to the release of the game.

The story of the Marvel Snap bots and the $2 million generated

Those who have played a few minutes of Marvel Snap know that the game gives the impression of facing a large number of bots in 1v1. Suspicions have been running high since testing this summer, and Agent Carter, a player with thousands of games under his belt, has even created a spreadsheet to recognize bots and beat those who can read your hand. Suspicious nicknames, basic avatars and card visuals, incomprehensible reactions: the bots are multiplying the suspicious clues.

Second Dinner has already confirmed that they are using bots whose difficulty varies depending on the player's collection level and MMR. Their goal is to ensure matchmaking in 5 seconds maximum and so far this has not seemed to discourage players who have already spent 2 million in-game dollars accumulated in one week.

Ninja Must Die in pre-registration

The studio Pandada Games has just announced the opening of pre-registrations for Ninja Must Die on Android and iOS. In this fast-paced, side-scrolling runner, you play as a ninja battling demons. To defeat your opponents, you will have at your disposal various weapons and relics in addition to your reflexes and characters with various abilities.

With no release date yet, Ninja Must Die is available for pre-registration and the title already stands out for its artistic direction inspired by feudal Japan and its folklore.

Horizon Cloud Gaming Netflix mobile

Microsoft wants to launch its own mobile game store and Netflix is already well launched as a publisher in this market. With already 35 exclusive games and 55 more in production, the American company continues its efforts towards gaming. This week, Mike Verdu, Vice President of Games at Netflix said that their current efforts were also focused on research around a cloud gaming solution. With the end of Stadia and the emergence of programs like GeForce and Xbox Game Pass, Netflix believes that this market is interesting for the future of the company.

Settlement Survival in pre-registration on Taptap

While Settlement Survival has just been released on Steam, the title is also entering pre-registration on TapTap for Android players. A fairly classic city builder, Settlement Survival puts you in charge of a colony of survivors on procedural maps. Cultivate the land, hunt, navigate, establish trade routes and manage your economy to make this growing population prosper.

Inspired by the game Banished, Settlement Survival relies on a complete weather cycle and crime management coupled with a progressive unlocking of technologies to use. And, with several gameplay options available, you'll be able to choose between a chill experience or a true management challenge right out of the gate.

Towa Tsugai RPG announced by Square Enix

Square Enix has just released the first trailer of Towa Tsugai, its next RPG, which is scheduled to be released next year in Japan on iOS and Android. Not much information has been revealed about the game, but we already know that Towa Tsugai will feature a duo of heroines in a fantasy universe.

For this creation, Square Enix has surrounded itself with great names in the field, such as Nao Hokumoto for the art direction, who created the universe of SINoALICE, and Keiichi Okabe and Shotaro Seo for the music, known for their work on NieR: Automata.

Details about Archeage War mobile and PC

XL and Kakao Games' ArcheAge license is expanding with ArcheAge WAR, scheduled for release on mobile and PC. This PvP-oriented title promises large-scale battles such as fortress sieges and sea battles.

These clashes will take place on the continent of Nuian, where the war between the royal family of Izuna and the Crescent throne has raged for many years. But the current period of peace is about to end by Izuna's decision. And that's about all we know about this ambitious South Korean MMORPG at the moment.

Apex Mobile : leak of the Revenant legend

After the arrival of the legend Ash in season 3, information has leaked about the next legend to be integrated Apex Legends Mobile. According to the dataminers, Revenant will be released with season 3.5. Nicknamed "synthetic nightmare", this offensive fighter is already present in the PC and console version. A former hit man turned robot, Revenant shines with his stealth skills and uncommon movement abilities, so get ready to see him on mobile.

Release of Infinity Party Battle

Build your deck of 5 characters and 5 magic cards in Infinity Party Battle, the new Tower Defense from CleGames, available now on mobile. This play-to-earn game features 1v1 battles against players from all over the world, solo duels against bosses, and a party mode.

This mode allows you to team up with another player to face endless waves of enemies. By the way, even though Infinity Party Battle is available for free on Android and iOS, the presence of NFT may limit the progress of free-to-play players.

Project EVO Announcement

Project EVO is an open-world survival game for mobile and PC. Get ready to explore the world of Emberland to gather resources and survive the hordes of infected. Then build your shelter strategically to protect yourself from threats.

Project EVO benefits from modern graphics and a real-time weather system that promises a complete immersion in this post-apocalyptic universe. To sign up for the Project EVO beta on Android, visit the game's official website.

Playing on iOS with your old Nintendo controllers

After adding support for Nintendo's recent Joy-Con and Pro Controller on iOS 16, the Apple ecosystem now allows you to play your favorite games with controllers from the Japanese giant's older consoles. This concerns the Bluetooth controllers sold by Nintendo, which are based on the design of those of the NES, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, not the actual old controllers. This functionality is not limited to mobile, since you can also connect them to a Mac or Apple TV.

5.5G according to Huawei

If a large part of the French territory is now covered by the 5G network, in reality, it is far from being the case concerning the very high speed promised by this technology. But as everything is going very fast in our society today, we do not stop the progress. As a proof, Huawei has just announced the next evolution of its technology: the 5.5G. While 5G had increased tenfold the theoretical speed of 4G, it is once again a multiplication by 10 that will separate 5G from 5.5G according to Wang Tao, Huawei's executive director.

Autochess MOBA Soft Launch on December 1st

Already available in regional beta test at the beginning of the month, Autochess MOBA will finally be released in a soft launch from December 1st. Dragon Nest's 5v5 MOBA has not yet revealed which countries will be the first to access it, but we'll keep you posted on its arrival in the French-speaking world. And if you're looking to understand how Autochess and MOBA ended up in one name, check out our recap from October 2.

Massive leaks from Genshin Impact 3.8

You may have seen a new wave of Twitter madness around Genshin Impact. Last weekend, leaks of an almost unprecedented scale rocked the community with 36 weeks of illegally recovered content and tester information shared on social networks. Genshin version 3.2 is just being launched in parallel.

With a lot of DMCA claims, Hoyoverse managed to take down most of the posts and some accounts that usually share Genshin leaks even decided to delete theirs that contained both personal information of employees and quests, characters and content up to version 3.8 of Genshin Impact.

Shankstars on iOS and Neko Golf - Anime on mobile

Golf is in the spotlight on mobile to finish this recap. First, it's Neko Golf - Anime which is released this week on iOS and Android in free-to-play. Anime graphics and crazy practice are on the menu in this multiplayer title with a competitive aspect. Customize your golfer, meet new people and above all avoid bunkers in Neko Golf.

Even crazier, the game Shankstars is released on iOS. With 25 unique and magical golfers to unlock, play solo or in PvP and complete fantastic courses with the highest score possible in this wacky golf simulation.

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of the latest Android and iOS games.

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