Mobile Games News #113: King Arthur Legends Rise, Dragon Nest 2, beta R6 mobile...

June mobile games news recap number 2, tower of god, R6, Dragon Nest 2

RPG King Arthur Legends Rise, fantasy RPG Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, gacha Tower of God New World enter pre-registration, Rainbow Six mobile in beta for 6 weeks, Netflix announces Crashlands 2 and much more. That's what we'll be looking at together today in this 113 roundup of Android and iOS mobile gaming news.

Pre-registration for King Arthur Legends Rise opens with Summer Game Fest

We start the week's news with the opening of pre-registration for King Arthur Legends Rise, presented at Summers Games Fest. For those who didn't follow the conference, you didn't miss much. We came across thePrince of Persia remake, a bit of Mortal Kombat, the next Final Fantasy and a bunch of skins RPGs with aggressive VFX. Fortunately, the Day of the Devs indie game showcase that followed did raise the audience's level of interest in the second half of the evening. So, we can't say it enough, but thank you to the indie devs who do the work all year round.

Let's get down to business with Kabam Games' take on the legend of King Arthur. If you've been following the recaps, you've already seen images of the game and it's finally time to pre-register on Android and iOS or wishlist this RPG at turn-based on Steam. King Arthur Legends Rise is preparing a beta for June 29 in Scandinavia, Australia, the USA, the Philippines and Hong Kong. A release date before the end of 2024 is expected, but nothing has yet been confirmed. The game enjoyed a special trailer at Summer Games Fest, featuring PvE, PvP battles with your team of heroes against fairytale creatures to save the kingdom of Camelot from the clutches of the terrible King Loth.

Pre-registration for Dragon Nest 2 Evolution

We continue in another medieval fantasy universe. Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is also launching its pre-registration phase. The fruit of collaboration between developers Shengqu Games and publisher Tencent under its Level Infinite label, this second major opus in the license was first announced in 2022 with early access.

The continent of Altea is just waiting for you and your Android device. Enjoy 4 character classes with 32 ways to beat up enemies with different play styles, in multiplayer or single-player. Dragon Nest returns with a player trading system, cool battles and even more fantasy. There's no pre-registration launch date for Dragon Nest 2 Evolution for iOS, but there will be - the devs have been talking about it for a while on their official site.

Pre-registration launched for Tower of God: New World on Android and iOS

Netmarble has opened pre-registration for Tower of God: New World, soon to be available on Android and iOS. After Tower of God: Great Journey, the original story of Bam the 25th and his adventures in the Tower has been given a new mobile game adaptation thanks to Tower of God: New World.

In-game, the experience is supported by a collection of heroes in the form of cards that will enable you to progress through the adventure's various strategic battles. Find out more about the game in our dedicated article.

Back fromApex Legends Mobile... only in China, under the name of High Energy Heroes

He's gone and he's already come back. This is Apex Legends mobileof course. Don't rejoice too quickly, though, because you won't be able to play it, poor mobile gamers from the West. After the fiasco of the game's closure, an abrupt end with many theories but few proven facts, the title returns in Asian guise with Tencent, as an exclusive for the Chinese market. Say hello to High Energy Heroes, an almost identical clone with slightly reworked characters that you'll only see from a distance, unless you have a Weibo account and access to the game from China.

Developed by Lightspeed Studios as Apex Legends mobile was before it, this title uses the same Legends roste, the same map, the same gameplay and the same visuals. And I can't even begin to tell you what went on between EA and Tencent to bring us to this point, between the tensions that must have existed between the two entities, the unattainable financial targets ofApex Legends mobile s unattainable financial targets and all the other rumors floating around, it's a pure mystery.

R6 mobile closed beta active for the next 6 weeks

In Europe, all is not lost. Rainbow Six mobile is currently enjoying a closed beta on Android in a number of countries, including France, Japan and Spain. This test phase will last 6 weeks, during which you can test the agent progression system via mastery circuits, equipment customization, skins, the Battle Pass without XP cap and the arrival of TDM, the famous team deathmatch. Ubisoft has made an iOS version of the R6 mobile beta available on TestFlight for a small number of players in Canada, the US and Japan, so if you're an Apple gamer you'll have to wait a little longer.

20 Minutes Till Dawn releases version 1.0 on mobile and PC

Fans of Vampire Survivors will be able to enjoy version 1.0 of its cousin 20 Minutes Till Dawn on Android and iOS, released this week. Priced at €2.99 on Appstore and free on Android, the game now features an offline mode, new maps, additional characters, two bonus weapons, a secret boss and many other new features to discover right now while playing 20 Minutes Till Dawn on your smartphone.

Release of update 1.1 Honkai Star Rail

In addition to all the recent additions to the Genshin Impact TCG and its universe, Hoyoverse has also prepared a major update for Honkai Star Rail 1.1. This major patch 1.1 launched during the week brought three new playable characters, Silver Wolf, Luocha and Yukong, as well as an update to the Herta Space Station, added features and events. Some players were fooled by the pre-download and had to wait an extra night to test 1.1 content, so don't be fooled by 1.2!

Final beta test and upcoming global release of Brown Dust 2

The Brave Nine or Brown Dust license, depending on the region, will soon be offering its second major opus for global release. This RPG from Neowiz has undergone several phases test, including early access in January and a new beta which is currently being held until release. In-game, switch game cartridges to surf on nostalgia and explore the posibilities of combat at turn-based. It's only a matter of days before the global release of Brown Dust 2, so take the opportunity to join the million and a half players ready to embark on the adventure.

Crashlands 2 announced for mobile and PC

Crashlands 2, the open-world craft RPG has just been announced for a 2024 release as a Netflix game on Android and iOS. Meet strange aliens, help them, develop your catalog of recipes and expand your constructions in this new Crashlands mobile game, which will be available in French. Create your own cozy little nest and explore the unique world of Wonanope next year on your smartphone.

Ezetta Prophecy RPG released on Android and iOS

The award for this week's most discreet launch goes to Ezetta Prophecy. With no particular teasing, no big announcement and no mass downloads, this visually stunning gacha RPG could have attracted quite a few people to the world of Ezetta on Android. Master the shi-fu-mi element system and gain the upper hand in battles between elves, humans and demons, solo or with your guild. The formula is not new, but if the graphics of Heroes of Middle-Earth sting your eyes, switch to the DOP version with Ezetta Prophecy and its pleasing visual design. They've got elves too.

MMORPG Tarisland enters early access in selected regions

Highly anticipated by the mobile community, the MMORPG Tarisland enters regional early access in selected parts of the world. In particular, you can get your hands on the game in the UK, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan. Tarisland presents itself as a free-to-play friendly game that blends technology and fantasy. With the right VPN, you can test the game on Android or wait for the title to be released in the coming months.

The Zelda remake studio creates an Apple Arcade dragon racing game called Jet Dragon

Grezzo, the studio responsible for the Zelda remakes, will soon be offering a radically different experience. Enter the business of racing dragons with Jet Dragon, an upcoming Apple Arcade exclusive. Discover an all-new career that will challenge you to train and breed ever faster dragons.

According to the game's trailer unveiled this week, you'll be able to take part in online PvP races. During the game, 6 players race against each other in an aerial circuit featuring rings, speed boosts and vertical obstacles. Learn how to balance stamina and speed, and handle a few dragon-on-dragon assaults with unique skills. Combine the right pilot and the right dragon to finish first in the Jet Dragon race, available soon on Apple Arcade.

Devil May Cry PoC could be released on December 2 according to App Store date

NebulaJoy and Capcom have not finished making the news about Devil May Cry Peak of Combat, which has been arousing the curiosity of mobile gamers for several months now. Pre-registrations have been launched, beta tests are underway, but when will there be a release date? Nothing has yet been announced. As an indication, DMC PoC's App Store release date has been moved to December 2, 2023, which could mean a launch this winter or early next year. We'll let you know more as soon as Capcom makes any official announcement about its next mobile co-op demon-hunting opus.

Arrival of the skins customizable Academic Champions set on Fortnite

Fortnite rarely slips into our news roundup, because it's hard enough to miss news about the game even if you avoid it. This week, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that Fortnite has had its 15 minutes of visibility with the trailer for Fortnite Wilds and the Unreal Editor for Fortnite. Meanwhile, Epic Games' Battle Royale is rolling out its line of skins customizable Academic Champions.

Match outfit pieces to create your own style from the millions of possible combinations. It's nicer than a totally predefined skin , but with a taste for poo it'll soon look like a Fall Guys bean, and I wasn't particularly keen on a line of skins Academic Championsdedicated to school when the vacations are about to start.

Three Minutes to Eight announced for PC, mobile and consoles

Assemble Entertainment and Chaosmonger Studio, the creators of Encodya, will soon be bringing a new adventure game to mobile, PC and consoles. The pixel-art game Three Minutes to Eight will take you to the edge of the precipice in a short gameplay loop with several endings available. Each time, try to escape death, meet different characters and unravel the mysteries of this mobile adventure, which will land on your smartphones in the last quarter of 2023.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Mobile (Summer Game Fest)

Summer Games Fest didn't exactly showcase the video game industry, and mobile gaming even less so, but there were a few announcements and trailers. One of these was none other than Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis on mobile. A cross between the original story of Final Fantasy 7 and never-before-seen adventures, this new title will see you embody Sephiroth in his youth, alongside famous characters such as Cloud and Zack, to make up your team of heroes.

Customize your team with special equipment in solo or cooperative play for up to 4 players. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis mobile promises a combination of retro and modern, but has no scheduled release date as yet, so don't forget to follow our recaps every Sunday to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Access to Payday Crime War on Android and iOS

For those who missed the news, Payday Crime War is now available on Android and iOS. So don your mask and get ready to commit the perfect crime. Having tested it, it's clearly not my style of game, but you'll find the usual Pay Day touch. Enter the building with your anonymity protected, prevent victims from calling the police and rob everything you can before leaving the conflict zone with your loot.

For the less skilled among us, the automatic shooter will certainly come in handy. After a lengthy tutorial, you'll be able to string together a series of heists thanks to rapid matchmaking, and discover the heist experience revisited in mobile format in free-to-play on Android and iOS.

Release of Urban Cards roguelike deckbuilder

Business is business. And in the deckbuilding game Urban Cards isn't afraid to get down and dirty for the players' enjoyment. Exploit your employees, steal the competition's plans and use any borderline or downright illegal means to stay financially afloat. Choose from 3 factions and ensure the survival of your business with an ever-improving deck. The Urban Cards card game offers a selection of almost 200 different card types and special items to take down the ultimate enemy: the government! Discover this new free-to-play title on iOS.

New Marvel Snap Conquest competitive game mode

If you took the time to check out Summer Games Fest, you couldn't miss Marvel Snap. That's if he was the guy who thought screaming his entire game on stage would make him cooler. In any case, Marvel Snap has unveiled its Conquest mode to boost its competitive aspect. For you try harders out there, now's the time to make your comeback on Marvel Snap and show what you're really made of.

Spiritle strategic board game scheduled for release in the coming months

The Spiritle strategic board game from Fabled Game Studios unveils its first trailer ahead of its release in the coming months. In this RPG-style game, 4 players can each embody one of the 4 elements reincarnated as an animal. Choose your skills strategically, battle numerous enemies and move around the board to reveal new lands. Spiritle will soon be available on stores for fans of adorable, tactical RPGs.

Announcing Grifford Academy on Android and iOS

Landshark Games reveals its next game, Grifford Academy, an RPG also at turn-based , planned for mobile. Take on the role of a group of friends as they take their first steps into the world of magic. Multiple-choice storytelling will allow individual players to shape the story.

In addition to your character's spiritual development, make the right choices of items, skills and general combat enhancements to overcome some pretty tough battles. We'll tell you more about Grifford Academy's release as soon as pre-registration or the game's release date have been announced.

Ubisoft Forward 2023 conference on June 12 at 7 p.m.

After Summer Games Fest, Ubisoft is taking center stage with its Ubisoft Forward 2023 conference. There will be new releases on PC, consoles and mobile. Hopefully, all Assassin's Creed titles will have their moment in the spotlight, and perhaps other announcements will strengthen the French publisher's presence on the phone. The catalog will be mainly PC and console, but we've got every right to expect our fair share of news! So tune in to the official live event onMonday June 12 at 7 p.m., or join us in our next roundup to find out what's new at Ubisoft Forward 2023.

10M sales for Dead Cells and updates until 2025

Staying in Franco-French territory, we'd like to take a minute to congratulate Bordeaux-based Motion Twin and mobile publisher Playdigious, since the Dead Cells license has just reached the ultra-solid score of 10 million copies sold on all platforms combined. At, we obviously adore this roguelite nugget, and even recommended it in last week's review! To celebrate these big numbers, Dead Cells will be getting 2 more years of content-packed updates until 2025. So if you haven't given it a go yet, or if you've already tried it out, there'll soon be more to discover in the depths of the game on Google Play and App Store.

Crazy mobile gaming news

As the recap is overloaded with news this week, I'm going to skip quickly over the other stories that didn't get a full dedicated section:

  • Sadly, open-world Marvel Future Revolution is bidding farewell to the mobile community and will close its doors for good on August 25 ;
  • eFootball 2023 friendly match co-op mode beta unlocks new multiplayer possibilities;
  • Square Enix mobile games like Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent are getting big updates this month;
  • Gacha Idoly Pride has made its mobile debut with a worldwide release;
  • And Summoners War is preparing a complete graphic overhaul and launching pre-registration for its World Arena Championship 2023.

And that's the end of review number 113. See you next week for even more mobile gaming news.

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