Mobile game downloads reach record high

record number of mobile game downloads

As the rest of the economy crumbles and short-time working becomes the order of the day, video game publishers are rubbing their hands together... especially those ported to Android and iOS as mobile game downloads have exploded since the containment announcement.

Boredom that pays off in games video games

We suspected it, but playing video games prevents you from going crazy even if you are locked up alone in a 12m² room. So the confinement is the perfect opportunity to pick up the games you've left behind and enjoy a privileged stay in the gaming world.

downloads mobile games increase containment

According to App Annie, mobile game installations surpassed the 1.2 billion download mark in the week of 20 March. This is the highest number ever recorded over an equivalent period. This means that mobile games, which were already making fortunes compared to their PC counterparts, are now reaching unexpected heights of profitability.

Biggest download hits by country

Each country has its own preferences when it comes to mobile games. While the Chinese download Game for Peace, one of the two official PUBG mobile variants, in France they prefer Coin Master, a casino game.

downloads mobile games increase containment

Roblox, Brawl Stars and Magic Tiles 3, each in their own style, have conquered a more global market, as the table above reveals. So while the English speakers are working on their vocabulary, we're playing casino and Uno? To find some cool games, check out our top mobile games for containment.

And finally, if you're more of a fan of strategy games than Geometry Dash and other reflex games, consider installing Rise of Kingdom on PC to play on larger screens during this confinement.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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