Pokemon MOBA on mobile coming soon

Pokemon mobile MOBA

There were many rumours and predictions surrounding the new Pokemon announcement. If some were hoping for a remake of Pokemon Diamond&Pearl on the model of Leaf Green or Leaf Red, it will finally be a Pokemon MOBA on mobile!
Pokemon Unite will be developed in partnership by the Chinese giant Tencent and the game studio TiMi. The latter, which created the MOBA Arena of Valor, will be able to contribute its experience and expertise.
In any case, this is a new challenge that should revolutionise the Pokemon gaming experience!

This was the big reveal of Pokemon Presents

MOBA and Pokemon: two worlds meet

The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a very specific style of game. The reference today remains League of Legends on PC, managed by Riot Games and Tencent. In this type of game, two teams of 5 players compete in real time in a predefined arena by playing as characters with specific characteristics.

Usually, communication and team coordination are vital. Pokemon, on the other hand, tends to be more of a solo adventure and battle-based game turn-based. Nevertheless, with an impressive pool of characters, the universe offers a rich base to exploit!

Pokemon Unite MOBA mobile Lucario
A Pokemon draft phase worthy of the best MOBAs

Pokemon Unite will be a clever mix of two worlds. The game will surely be able to find MOBA fans and Pokemon fans and bring them together.
There is also a place to take on mobile where the MOBA is not so developed... Except that it will have to deal with the competition of Wild Rift which will arrive at the end of the year.
For Pokemon Unite, no release date has been communicated at this time.

A Pokemon MOBA on mobile and console

The idea is to gather as many players as possible on this new project. The game should be cross-platform where Android players, iOS players and Switch players will be able to play together.
Another interesting information is that the game should be free to play at the beginning, but we suspect that we will be able to pay for exclusive content or to progress more quickly.

pikachu pokemon

We already know the identity of several Pokemon. However, not all of the little monsters are expected to make it into the game.

  • Venusaur ;
  • Charizard ;
  • Blastoise ;
  • Pikachu ;
  • Clefable ;
  • Machamp ;
  • Gengar ;
  • Snorlax ;
  • Lucario ;
  • Talonflame.

What about you, does this Pokemon MOBA on mobile tempt you?

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