World of Kings 2.0 update

World of Kings 2.0 update

Changes have been made to class balancing in this new patch

Modification of talents

Open the new Lvl 70 talent tree: Battle Masters, Iron Guards and Strategists talents extend from row 6 to row 8. Warriors earn talent points in the traditional way to invest in new choices as they progress through levels 60-70. In addition, they will be able to enhance their new talents by using the Sacred Prayer of Artienos, a newly opened artifact.

General change for all classes:

Fixed a BUG where critical hit damage was being transferred to other skills by increasing critical hit damage with masteries and glyphs. This bug had caused some classes to have lower DPS performance. Other skill mechanics will be adjusted to make affected classes more balanced in future releases.

-The energy cost of the soul will no longer decline when out of combat.

New Dungeons

-Enter the new dungeon (Normal / Adventure): Dragon Tomb, Order Shrine, Scarletwolf Lair and Mechanical Maze

-Enter the new Guild Dungeon (Normal): Dragon Sky, Warhammer Hall.

-Enter the new team dungeon (10 player dungeon): Twilight Castle, Molten Core.

-Enter the lord's new dungeon.

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