Early access available for Mighty Doom on mobile!


It's time to dive back into the DOOM game universe! After Bethesda Softworks bought Canadian Alpha Dog Studios in 2019, it's obvious that the arrival of a new version of Doom is making people happy! This spin-off, entitled Mighty Doom, is already available for Android platforms in early access 😉

Mighty Doom: a mobile version of Doom still very mysterious!

Mighty Doom is a brand new version of the famous Doom. A shooting and action game in which you play as a Doom Slayer. You fight demons, while avoiding enemy fire and numerous traps. The game seems to be a nice mix between the mobile game Archero and the classic Doom. A game where it is possible to obtain many abilities throughout the game.

While Bethesda has just released The Ancient Gods DLC for Doom Eternal, Mighty Doom has yet to be officially announced by the gaming company. However, the game has been available on Android for several months, since December 2020. Gameplay videos have been published on the web over this period.

Gameplay Mighty Doom

Even if the game is available on the Play Store, it is still very difficult to find. Don't expect to find it by typing the name of the game on the Store! Mighty Doom seems to be available to a small handful of insiders, about 1,000 players, based on the number of installations on Android.

Nevertheless, here is the Mighty Doom game sheet available in early access on Android. We expect a lot from the developer, who is also behind DOOM and The Elder Scrolls. Iconic games with authentic and powerful gameplay!

If you are one of the lucky players of Mighty Doom in early access, don't hesitate to give us your feedback in comments!

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