The Masketeers mobile game is released today!

The release of Masketeers in pictures

In this period of global pandemic, it is mandatory to wear a mask everywhere. The release of the mobile game Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen fits perfectly with the current context, as this RPG features masked heroes determined to fight, not against a virus, but against the spectres that haunt society. However, these masks do not provide health protection, but rather give powerful powers. Masketeers is a highly anticipated RPG , as even before its official release, many have pre-registered. To mark the occasion, the development studio Appxplore Ltd has decided to reward players ' enthusiasm with gifts.

If you missed the pre-registration and the rewardsdon't miss out on the game. Next time, be sure to check out our list of pre-registration mobile games so you don't miss out!

Masketeers release teased for weeks

100,000, 250,000, 500,000 and then a million... Even before the release of Masketeers, the mobile game can boast of having gathered a growing community . Like the latter, we followed the game's social networks closely to glean as much information as possible. Delivered in dribs and drabs, several playable and collectible characters have been revealed. Among them, we find Caine (wolf), Pixie (mouse), Coro (deer), Falcon (hawk), Titan (bear), Nightingale (nightingale) or the last one, Felina (lioness). We don't yet know their power or abilities precisely, but any good gamer can guess that they will each have their own fighting style. Hand-to-hand duelist, long-range archer, support character or tough tank... We can already see you trying tooptimise your team.

Release of Masketeers: a special skill

For the one million pre-registered players, the release of Masketeers must be even more anticipated. Indeed, all of them will be entitled to a Sacred Chest worth $20 containing masks and runes. Be a great lord and feel free to share your rewards in the comments 😉

All the complexity of a good RPG

Among mobile games, the RPG is a sure bet. Masketeers will use well-known mechanics to make the experience immersive. Like a good strategist, it is up to you to build the best team according to the masks you collect during your progression. Players will also have to use talents, runes and relics to gain maximum power.

Release of Masketeers: a fight

The combat phases should therefore not lack dynamism. We know that there will be a system of orbs that can be used to punctuate the confrontations and to load the activatable skills. If, for the moment, everything is not yet clear in your head, nothing beats a little practice.
Go to theApp Store or the Play Store to discover Masketeers for yourself!

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