Magic: The Gathering Arena soon available on mobile

mobile game Magic the Gathering Arena soon available

Magic: The Gathering Arena is surely the most famous trading card game. With more than 20,000 cards to its credit, it offers a rich universe and a multitude of possibilities for building a customisable deck . Many fans have welcomed the news of a mobile game and their patience will soon be rewarded. The game will be available soon. It should be compatible for bothAndroid andiOS users.

Magic Digital Studio, the studio in charge of development, is very close to the goal. The stream presenting the 85th expansion of the card game briefly teased the Magic mobile game. However, you had to have a sharp eye because it only appeared on the screen for a very short time. After novels, comics and films, the Magic franchise continues to gain ground by tackling the mobile game sector.

Magic cards before the game is available.
Maps soon on mobile.

A mobile version of the card game Magic

The first edition of the game dates from 1993. Since then, many extensions have been released. This has kept the gameplay fresh and the community active. The mobile game Magic, in itself, will not be revolutionary. It is the mobile version of the classic card game, but that is enough to make it worthwhile.

This is not the first video game of the famous playing and collecting card game. There are already several games available on PC. Two of them deserve special attention: Magic: The Gathering Online (2002) and Magic: The Gathering Arena (2019). But this is the first time that the licence has entered the mobile market. It would be wrong to miss out, as the phone gaming community is growing rapidly, especially in this year of global pandemic.

Features yet to be discovered

Not many details are known about this mobile Magic game yet. The developers have not yet given an official release date. However, we can expect the game board to offer a particularly clear and readable interface and to be perfectly suited for touch screens. Compared to other games in the same style such as Hearthstone by Blizzard or the more recent Legends of Runeterra from Riot Games, there is no contest. Magic offers more complex strategies and the organisation of the board is even more important.

Will the mobile game Magic look like the PC game?
Hopefully the mobile game will be as clear as the PC game.

While many questions remain, the community is mostly enthusiastic. A version test is about to be finalised and the game should be released in beta soon. But it is not yet known which players will have access to it!

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