Kingdom Hearts Missing Link trailer released by Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link mobile trailer and announcement

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary event of KH in Tokyo, Square Enix has just unveiled 2 new games of the license. Unsurprisingly, it's Kingdom Hearts 4 that's in the news with the continuation of Sora's adventures. However, a promising new mobile title has made its first appearance in a trailer, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link.

Kingdom Hearts 20 year anniversary trailer

To celebrate 20 years since the adventures of Sora and the Keyblade began, an 8-minute trailer has been released to give a glimpse into the future of the Kingdom Hearts series. It begins with the announcement of the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross Dark Road, scheduled for August 2022 on iOS and Android.

The video logically concludes with Kingdom Hearts IV, the flagship game of the series. But it is the game presented in the middle that will interest us today.

Between the2nd and4th minute of the trailer, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is revealed for the first time. As its name suggests, this spin-off will fill in some of the unanswered plot holes in the main episodes.

A new hero for Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link

This adventure will take place in Scala ad Caelum (Latin for "stairway to heaven"), the city introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. We find the hero of the game, whose name is still unknown, in front of the statue erected in Sora's honour. Moreover, it seems that he is carrying a Keyblade, but we don't know more for the moment.

The main hero of Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link

Two other mysterious characters appear at the end of the trailer:

  • Brain, one of the Union leaders who appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross.
  • The Master of Masters, the powerful master of the Keyblade who can see the future.

A title in line with its predecessors?

The first gameplay footage shows dynamic real-time combat. The trailer of Kingdom Hearts Missing Link gives hope that it will be faithful to the spirit of the first two episodes. Nevertheless, the scenery looks relatively empty and the view of the movements outside of combat is not the most aesthetic.

Fans of the Square Enix/Disney universe will still be delighted to find some familiar places and characters. It will also be an opportunity to expand the already rich lore of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link: Gameplay

Kindgom Hearts: Missing Link is also developed in-house by Square Enix. We can therefore legitimately expect a quality worthy of the main opuses of the saga. Moreover, a closed beta will be set up during 2022 on iOS and Android. However, this beta will be limited to certain regions, unknown for the moment.

Anyway, we will of course keep you informed when there is something new. Until then, I encourage you to check out our mobile game news page so you don't miss anything.

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