Ni No Kuni mobile game finally gets a trailer

Ni No Kuni mobile game new trailer

The least we can say is that the mobile game Ni No Kuni had not communicated much lately. Announced for many months, it has finally released a trailer that should pique the interest of the community. The graphics are impressively detailed and remain very faithful to the partnership between the franchise and Studio Ghibli (My Neighbour Totoro, Chihiro's Journey, The Walking Castle, etc.). The game promises a very varied universe for an exciting adventure.

While the gameplay has been revealed a bit, no official release date is yet known for this latest Ni No Kuni mobile game. The last news is that it will be released at the end of 2020 in Japan. Anime fans should be spoilt for choice between the releases of Ni No Kuni and Genshin Impact.

A universe that should win over lovers of wide open spaces.

An original plot for the latest mobile game Ni No Kuni

After Ni no Kuni: Hotroit Stories and Ni no Kuni: Daibouken Monsters, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds will be the first mobile game directly available on the Google Play andApp Store. The previous games were available through a third-party application (Roid and GREE service) which made things difficult for non-Japanese players.

But apart from its accessibility, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is distinguished by an original and somewhat confusing plot. As it is written on the brand new official website, you will play as a beta tester of a game. However, you will soon realise during your progress that the world is real. The two worlds are connected and in danger. Your mission will be to save them both before it's too late. It will lead you to explore many dungeons and go through a lot of different areas, populated by monsters.
However, the developers plan to give players plenty of freedom of movement through side quests and PvP.

Overview of the mobile game Ni No Kuni.
The graphics are very nice on this mobile game.

Real-time combat

While much of the trailer takes place in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, there are plenty of colourful monsters to fight. But there's no time to be in awe, as the battles take place in real time in a hack-and-slash style.

The classes of the mobile game Ni No Kuni.
The 5 classes to play as.

We already know the 5 classes available for this new mobile adventure Ni No Kuni:

  • Rogue : an archer who can support his allies with bonuses;
  • Destroyer: a very strong warrior capable of absorbing damage;
  • Witch : a magician with very flexible skills;
  • Engineer : a long-distance shooter who also looks after her companions;
  • Swordsman : an agile and complete hand-to-hand fighter.

Which character appeals to you the most 😉

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