The mobile game Heroes War: Counterattack has arrived

Heroes War Counterattack mobile release

Com2us didn't look too far to find the name of its latest nugget. After the success of Summoners War, the Korean studio has released a new mobile game called Heroes War: Counterattack. Presented as a perfect combination between a strategic RPG at turn-based and an action game, it seems to be worth a look.
At first sight, the graphics are of good quality and the universe is rich, with many characters (mercenaries) available for recruitment. There will also be an original strategic mechanic at the heart of this mobile game. As its name suggests, Heroes War: Counterattack will rely heavily on automatic counterattacks that do not take into account the players' turn.

The trailer of the game.

Heroes War: Counterattack, a customizable strategic RPG

Heroes War: Counterattack will offer players a great deal of freedom. The most strategic players will be able to play this mobile RPG to their heart's content. You must build the best possible team of mercenaries. These are to be recruited immediately and do not depend on a random draw. This is a rare initiative, but one that is particularly welcome, as it limits the lottery effect and allows you to build your dream team straight away without having to go through the motions. Beyond your choice of mercenaries, you must also customise their skills. More damage, more tanking, more boost... it's up to you to choose the best combos andoptimise your composition. Depending on your game mode(PvP or PvE) and on your opponent's composition , you will have to adapt.

The mechanics of counter-attack are not unknown to players of strategic mobile RPGs. But it is not common to put it at the centre of the combat system. It's a risky choice, but a nice proof of personality for Heroes War: Counterattack. You'll find out for yourself, but countering with "rage skills" can totally turn a fight around. As long as one of your mercenaries is standing, nothing is lost!

Heroes War Counterattack mobile : Josephine
Customise your mercenaries as you see fit.

Also an action game?

The scenario of the game is that of a action game. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by a virus and populated by zombies. In this context, you can choose between two factions. The Survivor Union, made up of uninfected humans, or the Harz Alliance, made up of infected humans who have not lost their consciousness.

Furthermore, Heroes War: Counterattack is not a mobile RPG at turn-based passive. It is very dynamic and in battle you will have to control in real time the movements of your mercenaries and the target of their attacks.

Available on both iOS and Android, the game is free-to-play. However, in-app purchases will be offered.

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