Release Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, a magical RPG!

Release Harry Potter Magic Awakened global Android and iOS duels

The release of Harry Potter : Magic Awakened is eagerly awaited! It's a multiplayer RPG and card-collecting mobile game based on the popular Harry Potter license. HPMA has been developed by Chinese publisher NetEase and will initially be released in Asia in 2021. Good news for Westerners: Harry Potter la Magie Émerge will be released internationally on June 27.... Let's take a look at this game with its distinctive art direction, in which you will take part in solo and duo wizard duels to assert your mastery of all spells with Latin names.

Release Harry Potter Magic Awakened on Android and iOS globally
Cast spells to become the most powerful sorcerer and defeat your enemies!

Global release of Harry Potter : Magic Emerges, an RPG and CCG co-op on Android and iOS

At Hogwarts , inspired by the release of Harry Potter : Magic Emerges, players take on the role of a wizarding student as he or she enters the wizarding world. After choosing your appearance, you can select your wand, owl and even your House by manipulating the Sorting Hat like a real Slytherin. Once you're at Hogwarts, HPMA invites you to take on spell courts, battle magical creatures and explore the lands of the Harry Potter universe. For all those who dream of drinking a Butterbeer in Hogsmeade, your dream is about to come true!

You can download the game from Playstore, App Store and PC via APK as soon as it is released on June 27. Pre-downloads are already available.

HPMA on PC and mobile
Collect and battle fearsome magical creatures in HPMA.

Would you rather belong to the dazzling Gryffindor house, the ambitious Slytherin, the erudite Slytherin or the loyal Hufflepuff? Whichever you choose, you'll be able to dominate student duels as soon as Harry Potter: Magic Emerges is released on Android and iOS. Design a deck of cards featuring spells, monsters, wizards and various effects, with a precise strategy to break your opponent.

Handling HPMA duels is particularly enjoyable, as you can move freely around your half of the field to dodge opposing spells or better position your own. You can engage in solo or duo battles to climb the leaderboard.

Witchcraft is free

You'll also meet some famous characters. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore will help you on your adventure. On release, Harry Potter : Magic Awakened also features mini-games, side quests and daily challenges. All this to keep players interested. In short, this is a highly anticipated mobile game. And if you want to be the most powerful wizard of all, turn to our tier list HPMA!

Release Harry Potter Magic Awakened
Explore the famous school of witchcraft Hogwarts on mobile

The launch of Harry Potter : Magic Awakened is obviously free-to-play with integrated purchases for items such as gold coins, gems and equipment. You can unlock additional rewards through HPMA codes, which provide free bonuses.

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