Get Together: a Coop Adventure, the mobile game inspired by We Were Here

Get Together: a Coop Adventure mobile

Do you like puzzles, but like everything else, it's better with two people? Here's an upcoming mobile game that you should enjoy. Get Together: a Coop Adventure is inspired by the best-selling complex multiplayer games on the market: the We Were Here series, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, or the recent beautiful It Takes Two, etc. A quick look at this original release that you might like.

Get Together - A multiplayer mobile puzzle game for two

When we think of mobile multiplayer games, we think primarily of genres such as Battle Royale or MOBA. However, the multiplication of gaming experiences offers a whole range of gameplay and narrative possibilities for two players, more than ever before. This time it is the mobile puzzle game genre that is highlighted by Get Together: a Coop Adventure. On the agenda is the search for your other half in a series of landscapes on another planet as part of a co-op puzzle game. The story can be told in a few lines. An explorer has had the misfortune to be split into two entities, each played by one of the players.

Like an Indiana Jones, you venture into lands of forgotten legends and unsolved mysteries. The two players will have to play on different devices. They will traverse the level separately, each discovering their half of the puzzle step by step.

Focus on sharing the puzzle

To complete the experience, communication will be your main asset. Like We Were Here, in Get Together: a Coop Adventure, you'll need to communicate about what you see that's different or the same in your version of the world to get through the puzzles together. Hand-painted background style graphics, an immersive sound environment and simple controls to focus on the exchange between two players are at the heart of the experience.

Get Together: a Coop Adventure will be played exclusively with two players. This co-op puzzle release will take place on Windows, iOS and Android from 14 October. It will even be possible to play offline. In addition, the title is available for pre-order on the Appstore and should be released on Android (but has been delayed, as the studio has confirmed).

Screenshot Get Together: a Coop Adventure

Like most games in its category, Get Together will only give you a discovery run. Indeed, replayability is complicated to implement in titles involving complex problem solving.

Note that the title will also be available on Steam. So, if you've been looking for a recent mobile co-op puzzle game to play offline with a buddy or family member, Get Together certainly deserves a chance.

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