A Back to the Future event on the Funko Pop! mobile game Blitz

Funko Pop Blitz event

Christmas is approaching and some people have already written their gift lists. Like every year, toy shops are expected to sell their share of Funko Pop figures. Their popularity is growing and they are gaining ground, stylishly reproducing characters from every conceivable universe. However, to be a seasoned collector, you need to have a certain budget. A more economical solution is to play the Funko Pop! Blitz mobile game and its Back to the Future event currently in the spotlight. This Match-3 game available on Android and iOS uses the well-known mechanics of the genre, while allowing you to collect the famous figurines for free.

For Back to the Future fans, hurry up and download Funko Pop! Blitz, theevent only lasts for a week. After that, it will no longer be possible to get the figures. For other collectors, it would also be a shame to miss out on these exclusive items.

What do you think of the Doc in Funko Pop mode?

A Funko Pop! Blitz event to commemorate Back to the Future

Among the great classics of science fiction cinema, Back to the Future surely has a special place in many hearts. The first film was released in 1985 and for its 35th anniversary, the mobile game Funko Pop! Blitz has decided to organise a event just for him. This Match-3 game is based on numerous figures from a wide range of works. But until now, Marty, Doc or Biff Tannen were not part of the party. Now that they've arrived, it's your chance to play the game, participate in the event, win exclusiverewards and win the figures of these characters. But time is running out. The Back to the Future figures will soon be going back to where they came from and will no longer be available.

During this event, the playground will also be filled with Plutonium Fuel Cells. Seal all leaks to acquire as much Plutonium as possible. This can then be exchanged in the shop.

Regular events

For those who have just discovered the existence of the Funko Pop! Blitz, don't panic. This mobile game is very dynamic and the weekly events are coming up. Along with theBack to the Futureevent , it was the "Jaws"event that offered exclusive figures to chew on!

The Funk Pop universe is compatible with just about everything. There are no limits and the mobile game has a great deal of freedom to customise its play area. So it's up to you to invest in the long term to get the best collection, without having to spend a cent.

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