An expansion for Black Desert Mobile coming soon

Black Desert Mobile extension

During a sandstorm, vision is greatly reduced and it is difficult to find your way. The Black Desert Mobile developer team wants to avoid this pitfall and has decided to guide its community as much as possible. We now know the contours of what awaits players. To their great delight, the programme is full and their gaming experience promises to be significantly enriched. Black Desert Mobile will soon celebrate its anniversary and will feature a brand new expansion. The name of the expansion is not yet known, but it will provide more information about the origins of Black Desert. A lot of important information will be revealed about the mysterious Black Spirit.

In addition to the Black Desert Mobile expansion, the Black Spirit Complete Guide event will also open on December 8th. This is an opportunity to complete special quests to unlock exclusiverewards .

The trailer for the game that was released almost a year ago on iOS and Android.

Black Desert Mobile: an expansion still in mystery

We'd love to tell you more about the upcomingBlack Desert Mobile expansion, but unfortunately, we don't know many details about it. The Pearl Abyss developers must surely voluntarily avoid saying too much, so as not to spoil the community's pleasure. We do know that it should be released in the coming weeks, probably before the end of 2020. Players will have the opportunity to visit unexplored temples and ruins. They are full of mysteries but also of treasures. It's up to you to get hold of them, at your own risk. An evil spirit is lurking, and the vast majority of adventurers prefer to avoid this place. Would you be foolish or brave enough to try your luck?

The Black Spirit Complete Guide event will arrive shortly before the release of this Black Desert Mobile expansion. The two will not be particularly linked, however, and will have their own story.

Extension and update for Black Desert Mobile

Other new products to come

Whether it's a story, origins or expansion, Black Desert Mobile doesn't just have new storylines in store for you. Updates will also be coming soon to change the gameplay.

  • Dimensional Crystal : New attack and defence boost item.
  • Increase your storage capacity: to carry more and more resources.
  • New merchant rank: creation of the SS rank to get more valuable items in one race.
  • Support system for returning players : after a period of inactivity, special quests will allow returning players to reach higher levels more quickly.

It's Christmas before time for Black Desert Mobile players and we can't wait to discover this famous expansion.

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