Eversoul Velanna: a new warrior tier S

Character Velanna Eversoul to invoke

Released just a few days ago, Velanna of Eversoul is the latest warrior in the popular gacha RPG, and not the least! She is an immediate addition to our tier list characters. We take a look at this new character; skills, strengths, weaknesses, how to get Velanna Eversoul, we tell you everything!

Playing and invoking Velanna in Eversoul

What are Velanna's stats and skills?

Velanna is an undead soul and her class is warrior. Specialized in hard control and damage over time, she can stay alive for a long time thanks to her skills that take life from opponents. Small summary of her skills:

Name of the competenceType of skillEffects of the skill
Ball of Blood and SnakeUltimate SkillInflicts heavy damage to all enemies as well as duration damage from bleeding. Targets already suffering from bleeding receive additional damage.
Wild DanceMain SkillEversoul Velanna lunges at the nearest enemy from up to 5 meters away at a 180 degree angle to inflict heavy damage. If the target is bleeding, it takes bonus damage.
Soaring HatredSub SkillVelanna summons a sword that causes targets to bleed up to a radius of 2.5 meters. Targets also receive damage over time.
Swirling FrenzySub SkillSimilar to Soaring Hatred, but replaces the damage over time with additional damage against enemies suffering from bleeding.
Seething ObsessionPassive SkillAll attacks against bleeding enemies count as criticals. In addition, life theft is increased by 30%.

Of course, as you level up, the effects of the skills are increased tenfold. Moreover, you will have noticed that most of Eversoul Velanna's skills inflict extra damage to bleeding enemies. As a result, Velanna's summoning works very well with souls like Haru, Jacqueline and Ayame. With these skills, she clearly deserves a place in tier S in our Eversoul tier list.

Eversoul Velanna's stats

Eversoul : how to get Velanna?

You can summon the Eversoul Velanna character on her dedicated Pick-Up banner until February 16, 2023. Thanks to the rewards system of the Pick-Up banner, you are sure to get her after 80 draws thanks to the soul memories that are then offered to you. Nevertheless, Eversoul is a rather generous gacha game and you will probably get it before. So, it only took me about 20 summonses to summon Velanna in Eversoul.

Velanna Eversoul's Pick-Up banner

In conclusion, Velanna is an extremely effective soul that deserves your everstone. Summon her if you already have Haru or Ayame, and get ready for an explosive cocktail!

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