An event Guardian Tales to thank the players

The event Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales was successfully released, so development studio Kakao Games decided to hold a special in-game event to thank players for their enthusiasm. Available on iOS and Androidthe game was a huge success from the moment it hit the market. The game quickly got very good ratings (4.7/5 on the Play Store) and many downloads.

The teaser of the mobile game, characterised by a pervasive humour.

This temporary event Guardian Tales offers the opportunity for the already active community to earn rewards to progress faster and get exclusive content for the event. There will also be a special Hollywood-inspired storyline with quests to be completed before September 8.

A new hero for the event Guardian Tales

This temporary event also introduces a new character to the mobile game: Vishuvac. She is the fiery incarnation of a dragon who seems to be quite powerful. The first feedback from the lucky ones who have already got their hands on it is unanimous: this heroine is really powerful. She has a pretty complete profile, dealing a lot of damage to enemies while boosting her entire team. However, she is far from being demonic. If you delve into her biography, you'll learn that she's even friendly and has feelings. Which is quite rare for an avatar.

Vishuvac is introduced by the mobile event Guardian Tales.
A dragon-like avatar that promises to be explosive.

To obtain Vishuvac, you have to rely on luck and a little help from fate to summon it from a summoning scroll. But be aware that the odds are temporarily increased during the event.

A parallel story inspired by Hollywood

The other attraction of this event Guardian Talesis the parallel story entitled ONCE UPON A TIME IN BURYWOOD. Inspired by the famous American film studio, it offers 12 missions to be completed before 8 September: 6 story missions and 6 Rift missions. Thegame experience was already rich for Guardian Tales (exploration, PvP battles, puzzles, etc.), but players should be even more seduced if the game continues to offer events to punctuate the life of the community .

In ONCE UPON A TIME IN BURYWOOD players have the opportunity to collect as many event coins as possible. These can then be exchanged for gifts. To earn as many as possible, make sure you finish the high level dungeons and complete the secondary objectives (finish the Tower, Arena or Coliseum).

If the missions end on 8 September, latecomers will have until the 15th to exchange their coins for rewards.

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