Endling: Extinction is Forever mobile preregister

Endling: Extinction is Forever mobile preregister

After the release of its game on PC and consoles in July, the Spanish independent studio Herobeat Studios has just announced the opening of Endling: Extinction is Forever pre-registrations on Android. Let's discover together this poetic and tragic survival game that highlights the collapse of our ecosystem.

Herobeat's ecological survival game mobile port announced at RazerCon 2022

It was during RazerCon 2022 that Herobeat Studios revealed the opening of Endling: Extinction is Forever pre-registration on mobile. Already available for several months on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the title is about to be released soon on other platforms: Android, iOS, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

If you haven't heard of Endling: Extinction is Forever, it's a survival game where you play as the last mother fox in a world ravaged by human activity. To save your species from extinction, it's up to you to find food for your children, educate them, shelter them every night, and avoid predators and natural disasters.

Visually, the title offers beautiful 3D graphics, despite a horizontal scrolling gameplay, which encourage contemplation and highlight the degradation of the Earth by humans.

Endling: Extinction is Forever: mobile gameplay

Beyond the survival aspect, Endling: Extinction is Forever has a narrative that plays on emotions and forces you to make sometimes difficult decisions that will tear your heart.

Go to Endling: Extinction is Forever pre-registration

To access Endling: Extinction is Forever pre-registration, simply visit the Google Play Store for Android devices. You will receive a notification when the game is available for download. Currently, pre-registration is not available on iOS.

Endling: Extinction is Forever mobile preregister

While Endling: Extinction is Forever will be available from November 3, 2022 for about 30 euros on next-gen consoles, the Android and iOS versions do not yet have a release date, but will be available for free.

That's it for the announcement of Endling: Extinction is Forever pre-registration on Android. To stay informed about the news of your favorite games, I invite you to visit regularly our page dedicated to mobile news.

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