Release of Dunk City Dynasty a dynamic basketball game under official license

Release of Dunk City Dynasty on Android

Tencent is not the only one to want to position itself in the mobile sports games niche. NetEase is also part of the club with its international games label Exptional Global. So in addition to the arrival of Ace Racer in motorsports, the release of Dunk Dynasty City as a mobile basketball game confirms this position. The DDC launch trailer reveals the gameplay and features of NetEase's game.

Dunk City Dynasty released on Android

Put on the jersey and join Dunk City Dynasty with your best VPN for its release in the Philippines on Android. Officially licensed by the NBPA, the game presents itself as a successor to the usual mobile basketball games with a lineup of legendary pro players and dynamic matches. You can test the game with a Polish Google Play Account by downloading Dunk City Dynasty on Google Play.

Each of your in-game players has unique stats that form their strengths and weaknesses in particular situations such as dunks, three point baskets or fast running situations. The games are played in 11 points and remain quite classic for those who know games like NBA infinite or other basketball games on mobile but with a nicer DA.

Team optimization and customization

On the bench, you are not limited by your initial stats since you can train your athletes at the gym to boost their champion muscles. Over time, you can optimize your Dream Team with precise statistics and regular training. Don't forget to customize your outfits to build your own memorable basketball team in Dunk City Dynasty available in the Philippines now. To know everything about this new title from NetEase, visit the game's official website or follow news for the global launch on Android and iOS!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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