Pre-registration for Deemo II is now open

Pre-registration for Deemo 2

After a beta phase test, pre-registration for Deemo II is finally open. The sequel to the excellent Deemo, a game with a deep narrative centred on rhythm and music as a red thread of hope, Deemo II has been a long time coming. Rayark has released several trailers and gameplay sequences to the public. We take a look back at this announcement and what we know about the upcoming title on smartphones.

Game info and pre-registration for Deemo II

Initially, Rayark's title did not specify the platforms on which it would be released. Today, we know that Android and iOS players will all have access to it. In addition, a showcase of the in-game exploration and menu UI was shown to pique players' curiosity.

Teaser of Deemo II

On closer inspection, the second iteration of the licence appears to be a significant step-up from the first. This time, for the start of Deemo 2 pre-registrations, the studio is offering a new audio track. The music is called Endless Dreams and can be found on Youtube. The regulars will be delighted to find the special sound of the game.

Endless Dreams music

Let's not forget that Deemo 2 is not the only addition to the universe since the first game. Deemo Reborn was released on mobile after its release on PC. It offers a remake of the original experience, so there's plenty of time to wait for the release of 2.

To pre-register for Deemo II on the Playstore it's this way and to pre-order the game on the Appstore it's this way. On the official shops, you can read the date of January 14, 2022. However, don't get too excited. These dates are often used by default by developers. The aim is to set a general release date and not necessarily to stick to it to the day. In the meantime, check out the official website if you have some free time to get excited. Otherwise, keep an eye on our mobile game news page.

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