Release of Danmachi Battle Chronicle: the light novel adapted as a mobile game

Danmachi Battle Chronicle released on Android and iOS

We told you about its releasedate... Danmachi Battle Chronicle mobile is finally available on iOS and Android! Dive into the heart of the Dungeon and battle demons, minotaurs and other monsters to become a great warrior as Bell Cranel, from familia Hestia, one of the major characters in the story. Don't wait any longer to download Danmachi: Battle Chronicle, a free-to-play phone game full of promise for fans of the license.

Characters available in Danmachi: Battle Chronicle on phone

Graphics faithful to the license

Danmachi: Battle Chronicle mobile is an action RPG, developed in a 3D universe for greater immersion in the gameplay. If you're already familiar with the Danmachi license, you won't be surprised to find the same graphic style as the anime. Originally an 18-volume light novel saga, created by Fujino Ōmori, with illustrations by Suzuhito Yasuda. Dungeon ni deai o motomeru no wa machigatteiru darō ka (in Japanese), or Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon has thus seen the arrival of a mobile game to celebrate its 10th anniversary. This is the fifth of ten projects planned by the license for this anniversary.

Danmachi Battle Chronicle's first monster dungeon fight

However, this is not the first mobile game released for this license. Indeed, DanMachi - Memoria Freese, released in 2018, already offered immersion in the world of Orario, amidst gods and men. However, Danmachi Battle Chronicle pushes the envelope a little further, offering more action and epic battles, at the heart of the intrigues of the original Familias story.

By the way, to boost your account, will soon be offering a list of Danmachi: Battle Chronicle codes and a tier list of the game's characters!

Release of Danmachi: Battle Chronicle, a cross between Battle Royale and automatic combat

For the release of this Danmachi mobile Battle Chronicle game, you play as Bell Cranel, the story's central character. Fascinated by the Dungeon, he aspires to become a great warrior. To this end, he has joined the Familia of the goddess Hestia (focused on exploration). As your adventures unfold, team up with other characters from different Familia, likeAiz Wallenstein. This courageous warrior, for example, belongs to the Loki Familia. 

If you're not yet familiar with the game, let yourself be carried away by this trailer. Fans of Danmachi will soon be back in the saddle!

In addition to exploration, Danmachi BC mobile offers a wide range of epic battles in a variety of modes. In particular, you can try out the Magic Stone Competition mode, a Battle Royale featuring eight players. During this battle, you'll need to collect magic stones and hold on to them. To win, you need to be the player with the most stones at the end. You'll also have classic battles with 3 heroes from different Familias facing off against the monsters of the Dungeon.

Can you overcome this environment and its threats to become a valiant warrior and win the heart of Aiz for the Danmachi Battle Chronicle phone release

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