Cyprien launches his mobile game MakeMoreViews

mobile game Cyprien MakeMoreViews

Cyprien is one of the dinosaurs of French Youtube and he has decided to release a mobile game called MakeMoreViews , available on iOS and Android. It's not going to be a fantasy action game with glitter or a war game with big explosions, instead he decided to stick to his character and his story. The aim of the game is to manage your own YouTube channel and develop it according to your desires.

So it's a mobile simulation game that makes a nice nod to its own journey. It also proves that YouTube can be a real springboard. Although he still makes humorous videos , he has diversified a lot since the days when he used to clash with Cortex. He has had the opportunity to create many projects (comic strip, short film...) and this mobile game.

Cyprien, creator of the mobile game MakeMoreViews
Cyprien has come a long way since his debut.

MakeMoreViews: a public game according to Cyprien

This game is available free of charge, and is intended to be accessible to the greatest number of people. We suspect, however, that the audience of players will be rather young, since they are the biggest consumers of YouTube videos. Cyprien explained that the aim of MakeMoreViews is to make as many videos as possible and to have as many subscribers as possible. He wanted to convey and make everyone understand what it is to be a YouTuber, while showing what lies behind an often fantasised position .

At the moment, you can choose between 3 main types of channels: gaming, life-style and science. Your choice will then determine the options available to you in order to grow your channel. You will then have access to different kinds of videos, titles or thumbnails. Finally, to be true to life and add depth to the management experience, you will be responsible for having several employees. Editor, Community Manager, Technician, Producer... Nothing is left to chance!

Idle Game or Clicker? A mix between the two

Cyprien places MakeMoreViews between an Idle Game and a Clicker. It adapts to the player's profile, since one can play all day long to accelerate the progress of one's fictitious chain (by clicking as much as possible) or decide to play from time to time. Tasks can be done passively in the background after a natural waiting period.

Missions in the mobile game MakeMoreViews by Cyprien
There are missions to climb the ladder of fame.

To enrich the game, he also decided to add custom stories to unlock as you progress. However, Cyprien did not say too much about it and prefers that everyone discovers for themselves what MakeMoreViews has in store for them. So, shall we try it out?

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