Start of the closed beta for Crystal of Atlan on Android in the Philippines, UK and Canada

Beta Crystal of Atlan access and gameplay

If you've been following the news from G-Star 2023, you may have heard about Nuverse's brand new MMORPG: Crystal of Atlan. The studio has already made a name for itself with hits such as Marvel Snap and Earth: Survival, and is back with a steampunk cocktail of dungeons and adventures. Find out everything there is to know about Crystal of Atlan's closed beta.

A much-anticipated beta for Crystal of Atlan: a steampunk cross-platform MMO not to be missed

With Nuverse at the helm, we know that the visuals and budget will be there. As well as being great to get to grips with, the Crystal of Atlan beta had better look good too, so as not to disappoint the hype among gamers. To find out whether this preview of the game and the upcoming betas are of interest to you, let me quickly introduce you to this ambitious MMO.

In terms of gameplay, it's a lot like Genshin Impact, with character switching in the middle of a fight, colourful special effects to add power to your blows and narrative interludes inspired by J-RPGs. With 12 character classes and 10 skills equipped within the same team, Crystal of Atlan promises to offer a variety of strategic combos to try out on land or in the air.

Crystal of Atlan closed beta combat preview

Depending on your character, you'll be able to wield firearms, swords or even scythes. For example, the musketeer class in its bounty hunter form lets you eliminate enemies by raining bullets down on them with your two revolvers.

From your phone or PC, in crossplatform mode, the steampunk world that opens up before you can be explored freely, with virtually no loading times, boss battles, items to collect and secrets to discover. Magic and technology seem to merge in a super-powered crystal whose mysteries you must unravel.

Best of all, the Crystal of Atlan beta is already offering multiplayer features, including the Abyss and Tempered Group dungeons for tough challenges with your mates.

How can I access the Crystal of Atlan CBT on Android?

MMORPG Crystal of Atlan is building up the hype with its first beta. Launched in mid-December, this test phase is currently available on Android, but most European players will have to wait a little longer to get started, as only a few regions have access to it, namely :

  • Canada,

  • the UK

  • and the Philippines.

You can try to be selected to join the closed beta by using a VPN and completing the official Nuverse survey. Hopefully, the game will be released within a few months of its beta period, which should last at least 8 days.

Good luck to you all!

Crystal of Atlan closed beta in selected regions

For those of you on the sidelines, you can still try your hand at a multiplayer adventure of magic and fantasy in Tower of Fantasy between now and Crystal of Atlan's release date. Don't forget to follow the game's Twitter page to make sure you don't miss the launch of this new Nuverse title!

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