Crossfire: Warzone, pre-registration mobile game

Crossfire: Warzone on mobile: pre-registrations open

Crossfire is coming soon to mobile as Crossfire: Warzone ! Be careful, don't confuse it with the new Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone. We are talking about the real-time strategy game developed by the Korean company Joycity.
Crossfire was originally released in 2007 (but only in 2011 in Europe) and it has been a long way to reach our phones. Moreover, since its release, many national PC servers have closed (Japan, Taiwan, Iran...). This will be an opportunity for these players to get back in the saddle! For countries that still have open servers (China, Vietnam, Brazil), they will be able to vary the pleasures.

The characters of Crossfire: Warzone on mobile
A new adaptation of a PC game for mobile.

Crossfire: Warzone on mobile by the end of July

Joycity has not yet made an official statement on the precise release date of the game. However, it should be imminent. Crossfire: Warzone is expected to be released on mobile in late July/early August. It will be an adaptation of the PC version of CrossFire, which has attracted over 100 million players worldwide. While the game's success in Europe has not been impressive, it is a real monument in Asia.

The game should be ready, as it has been tested in closed beta in a dozen selected countries (Singapore, Philippines, among others) over the last seven months. This is a long enough period of time to ensure that the platform and game servers are working properly.
Crossfire: Warzone will be available in 166 countries and pre-registration for Android and iOS is already open. It is free to play, although exclusive content will be available for purchase in the game's shop.

Natasha is kind enough to introduce the game in a video.

The principle of this online game

If you've never played Crossfire on PC, Crossfire: Warzone will still be easy to pick up on mobile.
The idea is to build a team of players, in PvP or PvE, to retake enemy-occupied cities.
Using a variety of vehicles (tanks, helicopters, etc.), you develop the best strategy to ensure you win. At the start, you will have a choice of the 25 most popular characters in the franchise. More characters will surely join the battle as updates are released.

Crossfire: Warzone is not the only game currently available for pre-registration! Check out the list of all the games available soon on Google Play or the App Store!

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