Creatures of Aether a new card game on mobile

Creatures of Aether new mobile card game

Hearthstone, the game from Blizzard has a new competitor! Creatures of Aether is a mobile card game with similar mechanics. If the name rings a bell, it's probably because you've played Rivals of Aether, available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Both games share the same fantasy universe where you can find the same creatures to summon. Except that this time, they are collectible in the form of cards!

Available as free-to-play on iOS and on Android Creatures of Aether could also be released onPC depending on its success. It offers several game modes and allows you to fight other players in PvP or explore dangerous dungeons. It's up to you to build the best team of creatures to defeat the various opponents who will block your way.

The trailer of the mobile game.

Creatures of Aether: decks to build!

In this card game you must build a deck of creatures to progress through the adventure. There is a wide range of elemental monsters to collect. They each have their own characteristics and are more or less powerful. But beware, the power does not only depend on their rarity or individual brute strength. Some have special skills that can be game-changing, and others have devastating synergies that allow you to put together some neat combos .

Creatures of Aether mobile monster
A rare creature of the "Earth" type.

The deck possibilities in Creatures of Aether are endless. Completely customizable, it is up to you to impose your style, depending on the cards you own. Nothing is set in stone and it would be wise to have several variants. Depending on the game mode, a deck can be more or less efficient. Some players will prefer the PvP ladder for the glory and satisfaction of beating other human players. But others will prefer to play in their own corner and explore the dungeons solo.

Visual Creatures of Aether mobile

Arcade graphics and an integrated shop

Creatures of Aether 's graphics will be nothing like the latest mobile gaming gem Genshin Impact. This card game adopts a slightly retro art direction and very pixelated images. So be warned before downloading the game, you have to like this graphic style. Finally, make sure you have at least 2 GB of memory available on your phone to be able to install the application.

Moreover, if the game is free to download, a shop will still offer paid content to progress faster. Like all collectible card games, you have to be lucky to get the best items, or you have to get your bank card out.

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