The Corsair class comes to Black Desert Mobile

New Black Desert Mobile Corsair Class

Black Desert is a fabulous MMORPG available on PC, consoles, but also on mobile iOS and Android. The game already has a number of classes on the phone, such as the Archer, Nova, Magician, Valkyrie and many others. A new one has just been announced by the Pearl Abyss studio, the Corsair class! Discover this new Black Desert Mobile Corsair class.

The Corsair class in BDO: All the latest news!

You've probably already noticed the new update on Black Desert Mobile! No ? Well, you should know that a brand new class is available on all platforms of the Black Desert game. At the Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball 2021 global event, the announcement was made for all players at once. The BDO event, which aired worldwide on 19 June, had an audience of over half a million fans. At the end of the event, many users learned about the arrival of the Corsair class and a new content roadmap for the second half of the year.

The Corsair class joins the other seventeen classes and is already available for the preliminary creation period. Overall, go to the game, download the new update and create a new character. You will see that you can already create a Corsair character, which will then be playable after the class has been officially added to the game!

The Corsair is an integral part of the Serenaka army. This class gives you more speed of movement and offers you a bonus in terms of agility in attacks. This is a female character, a pirate who will be linked to the Raven Merchant Guild. Her track record and history involve a stolen treasure map. This BDO "Corsair" class will be available in a major update to the game on June 29, 2021.

New features included in the new Black Desert Mobile update

To complete this Black Desert Mobile upgrade, in addition to "Corsair", four other classes will be introduced in the second half of 2021. These will be the Lahn, Mystic, Solaris and a mystery class.

We also note the (much awaited) arrival of the boss Chaos Muraka, the second multi-channel boss on mobile platforms. Until now, this boss was only available on other platforms. This is good news, as it is one of the bosses that offer the most loot!

And finally, to finish off Black Desert Mobile in style, the Great Ocean expansion will also be available in a future update of the game. It allows you to build ships and navigate at sea. No date known at this time for the other updates of Black Desert. We will keep you informed.

Black Desert Great Ocean Boat
Boat in the Great Ocean expansion of Black Desert

What do you think of the new features expected in Black Desert Mobile? Tell us what you think about this new Corsair class in the comments!

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