Access to the Code name: MA beta, from the new Million Arthur mobile game, opens now

Beta Code name: Million Arthur's MA available on Android and iOS

One page turns and another begins. Square Enix 's Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights is closing its servers, but another of the Japanese publisher's licenses, Million Arthur, is getting its own mobile game. In fact, the beta of Million Arthur Codename: MA opens this month.

A little known license and a code name: MA

Of all the Square Enix licenses, Million Arthur is not the best known. The titles in this license, such as Code Name: MA, are not developed by Square Enix in-house but rather by Perfect World Games, a Chinese studio known notably for its work on the mobile MMO Perfect World, Jade Dynasty, Tower of Fantasy and other IPs.

Opening of Codename: MA Million Arthur beta access by Perfect World Games

The beta of the game Code name: MA is presented as a continuation of the titles already developed by Perfect World. If you don't know the Million Arthur license, you can also discover it in anime. Having received mixed reviews upon its release, theHan-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur anime and the Codename: MA mobile game beta focus on Excalibur.

The sword capable of judging anyone as a potential king of England has finally met many Arthurs capable of wielding it. This influx of epic characters eventually distorts reality and breaks the flow of history. Six Arthurs, each with a unique role, must defeat all others to restore order.

Info on the Codename: MA beta, from Million Arthur

The Codename: MA beta revealed by a trailer and announcements from Perfect World Games takes the popular strategic RPG mechanics to mobile. With battles at turn-based and many combinations of characters, spells and actions, the tactical possibilities will be numerous in this new Million Arthur title.

New Million Arthur mobile game available on Android in China

The Code Name: MA beta is aimed at both mobile and PC players. So you can access it in China on Android from January 2023 or from home provided you prepare your best VPN. In any case, don't expect a global release as the other Million Arthur games haven't crossed the Chinese borders.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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