YouTube hosts $50,000 mobile charity tournament

YouTube Mobile Tournament

The mobile gaming industry continues to grow and YouTube has decided to mark the occasion with a big $50,000 mobile tournament, theCelebration of mobile games. This will not be an open tournament as only 7 content creators are invited to participate. They should compete against each other in a good mood and in search of the best game.

The broadcasting platform is killing two birds with one stone, as all the money will be donated to thecharity of the winner's choice. The entire competition will be shown on the VidCon channel next Thursday!

YouTube organises a "friendly" mobile tournament

The competitive stakes of this tournament will in fact be very limited, if not non-existent. It will mainly be about entertaining the audience while donating funds to a solidarity cause. The list of 7 content creators is already known and, unsurprisingly, it is the North Americans who will be honoured. The friendly competition will include :

  • Ash (600,000 subscribers)
  • Orange Juice Gaming (1.78 million subscribers)
  • KairosTime (550 00 subscribers)
  • Medalcore (255,000 subscribers)
  • Lex (575,000 subscribers)
  • Her Gaming (26,000 subscribers)
  • Powerbang Gaming (1.85 million subscribers)

They don't all play the same games and especially not with the same intensity. If some have a very good level and make very technical tutorials, others are above all animators who make their community laugh. But what brings them together is a passion for mobile gaming. In order to make things a bit fairer, the tournament will take place on 3 different games: Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and PUBG mobile. This format should level out the disparate levels in this mobile tournament organised by YouTube.

The underlying purpose of YouTube

Although this charity tournament is well intentioned and should be applauded, there is also an underlying objective. YouTube hopes to use the event to strengthen its platform's position in the gaming world. While the latter is totally dominant in the VoD (Videos on Demand) sector, it is still a little behind in instant broadcasting. With Mixer out of the way, however, there is still Twitch which is still very much in place. As Ryan Wyatt, YouTube's head of gaming, explained, there is still plenty of room for development.

YouTube could also take advantage of the recent ban Twitch of DrDisrespect, to attract this big fish into its nets.

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