Brawlhalla is coming to mobile on August 6th!

Brawlhalla comes to mobile

This famous game, which is very similar to Smash Bros, has been available since 2017 on PC and Playstation 4. It was quickly released on other supports (Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) and is now coming to mobile !
Indeed, Brawlhalla is coming to iOS and Android on August 6, after a little less than a year's wait, as Ubisoft has confirmed. The community already counts more than 40 million players and will therefore grow even more.
For the impatient, you can already pre-register on the various stores... The opportunity to win a bonusskin for the release!

The official announcement of Brawlhalla on mobile.

A cross-platform multiplayer game

Brawlhalla mobile will be very similar to the already successful PC and console versions. There will be 1v1 and 2v2 ranked mode and 4 player individuality in a more relaxed mode. Moreover, there is no limit of support: the game is designed for crossplay! This is an opportunity to bring together players from all walks of life in special game modes for up to 8 players.

The mobile gaming market is becoming more and more developed, with smartphones now becoming fully-fledged portable game consoles. Playing mobile games like Brawlhalla is becoming a real pleasure!

The business model of Brawlhalla mobile

This mobile fighting game is free-to-play. Many players are very suspicious and criticize the "fake free" games. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to invest a lot of money to progress and advance in your adventure.

Brawlhalla does not claim to be this type of mobile game. The purchasable content does not influence the power of your characters at all; there is a weekly rotation of 8 free heroes anyway.
Spending money only guarantees to get more variety, faster. Because as you play, you will eventually have access to all the characters. The rest of the purchasable items are only useful for eye candy, by buying skins.

3 characters from Brawlhalla mobile
A game at the crossroads of several worlds.

A simple but effective game

The principle of the game is extremely simple and will appeal to all fight lovers. There is only one rule: be the last survivor. Each character has its own characteristics and special moves. You'll have to master them well to hope to win.
The characters come fromvarious universes that may surprise you: Rayman, WWE, Tomb Raider, Ben 10...
There is something for everyone in Brawlhalla mobile! See you on August 6th!

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