Release of Before Your Eyes on Android and iOS for Netflix subscribers

Before Your Eyes release on Android and iOS

Fancy a moment of poetry to take anywhere? Then you'll be delighted to discover the Before Your Eyes release on iOS and Android, exclusively for subscribers to the Netflix platform. We reveal our first impressions of this spellbinding narrative game with original gameplay.

Before Your Eyes released on mobile

Following the successful 2021 Before Your Eyes release on PC, GoodbyeWorld Games is getting a mobile version. If you've never heard of this BAFTA Games Award winner for Best Game Beyond Entertainment, this might be your chance to enjoy it this summer by the pool.

In Before Your Eyes, you live the adventure through the eyes of Benjamin Brynn, as he prepares to cross over into the afterlife. In order to be judged by the Guardian, you must go through his memories, from first to last, to understand who he really was.

Its minimalist graphics and contemplative narration immerse you in an enchanting atmosphere. This aspect is accentuated by the fact that you have no buttons to press. Indeed, the main feature of Before Your Eyes lies in its innovative gameplay based on the eye blink. All you have to do is manage the camera movements and blink to move on.

Mobile port quality

Now let's take a look at the release Before Your Eyes on mobile. First, the game display has been adapted to portrait format to match the camera location.

For the best gaming experience, make yourself comfortable and avoid being against the light. Take the time to properly calibrate your screen and blink. If you wear glasses, be aware of reflections that prevent the camera from detecting your blinks.

Before Your Eyes  release: gameplay

Once the right conditions are met, all you have to do is immerse yourself in this poetic adventure and discover Benny's life, with its ups and downs. However, we regret that the voices of the game are not translated. Even if the subtitles are available in many languages, it is not always easy to read them while moving the camera.

That's it for our first impressions of Before Your Eyes' release on iOS and Android. To access the game, you need to have an active Netflix account. If you do, head over to the Google Play Store or App Store to try it out right now. To discover other games available with the SVOD platform's subscription, I redirect you to our July Netflix game releases article.

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