Battlefield Mobile alpha available on TapTap

Download and play the Battlefield Mobile alpha on Android

After COD, PUBG and recently Apex Legends, it's the turn of Electronic Arts' licence to make its arrival on Android with the alpha version of Battlefield Mobile available now. So, what is this version test of the mobile port of the famous FPS worth? We give you our first impressions on the gameplay and content in this article. Finally, we'll tell you where and how to download Battlefield Mobile to play it immediately.

First steps on the Battlefield Mobile alpha

The game from EA and Industrial Toys was released on TapTap with Android as part of a new alpha phase of Battlefield Mobile. So we rushed to download it and tested it for you.

Battlefield Mobile Alpha

After several games, this test of Battlefield Mobile proves to be rather convincing. The gameplay is effective and the sensations are present. We find all the essence of the license with theuse of vehicles (cars, quads, tanks) on vast maps, but also the destruction of buildings, much rarer on mobile.

Criticised during the first alpha phase of Battlefield Mobile, the graphics have been reworked. Indeed, the developers have stated that they are actively working on it in order to bring the graphics up to the standards of the leaders of the genre on mobile for the game's release.

Battlefield Mobile Gameplay

As in other games in the franchise, you can choose between different classes, each with their own special equipment. Battlefield Mobile's alpha features four types: Assault, Engineer, Pathfinder and Support.

You can customise your equipment, from selecting your weapons to choosing skins and accessories. Unlike the console versions, you have to use in-game currency to buy these items.

download Battlefield Mobile during the test alpha

For now, 4 game modes are available in the Battlefield Mobile alpha:

  • Team death match at 16 vs. 16 or 8 vs. 8;
  • Conquest: capture of flags;
  • Rush: area control.

Test a successful, but perfectible mobile adaptation

Battlefield takes on its new medium with brio and borrows the codes of mobile games. There are daily and weekly quests, events and a Battlepass. However, only quests are available in this alpha version of Battlefield Mobile.

Battlefield Mobile main menu

Amongst the major problems encountered at test, two stand out strongly and degrade the game experience considerably. Firstly, it is almost impossible to join a game when it starts. More often than not, the score is already well advanced and it is difficult to get into the game.

This concern may be related to the second problem: connection losses. About every other game, all players freeze and we are sent back to the main menu.

Let's hope that these inconveniences are temporary and that the developers will find a solution to provide proper matchmaking and stable servers by the official release. If you too would like to test the alpha version of Battlefield Mobile, you can download the game from TapTap on your Android smartphone.

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