The creators of AFK Arena announce a new game: Project Party!!

Project Party announcement from Lilith Games

Following on from Dislyte, AFK Arena and more recently AFK Journey, Lilith Games has announced its latest game: Project Party. But here, there will be no heroes to collect or bosses to fight, as Project Party will be an Animal Crossing-style life simulator focusing on the social aspect! At least, that's what we can see in the trailer for the game, whose release date has not yet been announced. Here's what we know about Lilith Games' new project.

Project Party, a life simulator focusing on creativity and social aspects

After the leaks concerning HoYoverse's new game, it's now the turn of a major publisher to announce its life simulator! At first glance, Project Party appears to be Animal Crossing-like, from the gameplay to the graphics, which are very similar to those of Nintendo. And with good reason: in this new game from Lilith Games, players will be able to create their own world by personalising their character, decorating their house, their environment, and so on. In short, everything in Project Party can be customised, offering maximum freedom through the crafting system in particular.

Construction in Project Party

But Lilith Games has also announced that the game will have a strong social dimension. In Project Party, you'll be able to join the party of any player who invites you there to discover their world, but also to share mini-games, such as zombie hunting as shown in the trailer, but also the exploration of new islands, and even games created by the players themselves!

Zombie mini-games Project Party

Project Party includes an in-game editor, one of the game's key features.

An in-game editor for creating your own games in Project Party

Lilith Games will be offering a "complete and intuitive" in-game game editor, allowing players to create their own games, providing "endless entertainment possibilities". We can't help but think of Project Spark, the very first title of its kind to offer this functionality, released on Xbox and Windows, and of course Fortnite or Roblox, which offer players the same possibility.

Mini games in Project Party

With Project Party, Lilith Games is aiming to offer players a refreshing and immersive experience that highlights creativity in all its forms and sharing. For the moment, no date has been announced, but we do know that the game will be released on PC, Android and iOS. We'll be sure to keep you posted as the project progresses!

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