Dark Sword review: Our opinion about this mobile game

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Dark Sword is a Hack n' Slash game (if you're not familiar with this type of game, one of the major references is Diablo, preferably the 2nd). The game is no simple Hack n' Slash. In fact, Dark Sword skilfully combines an adventure with an RPG dimension, with a rather sympathetic scenario. The pitch itself is simple: darkness is descending on the world, and only one brave warrior can stand against it. Your goal will be to bring back the light and chase away the darkness. As you can see, the game takes you into a dark universe... Does the game live up to its claims? That's what we'll be trying to determine in this review.

Introducing Dark Sword

In this review, we've focused on Dark Sword's gameplay. The game is divided into a tabloid of over 100 levels. Your hero, presented in a dark silhouette, will have to make his way through all the levels, accompanied by his trusty sword. The game is classically oriented towards a horizontal scrolling side view. You'd think it would be a simple, melancholy stroll, but no, various monsters have to get in the way and make your task even harder. To achieve your goals, you'll be equipped with a sword.

With your weapon, you'll need to perform a series of combos, or simply hit the enemies to finish them off. Dark Sword also gives you several types of devastating attack with which to slice your enemies to shreds. Combos are limited, however, with the exception of a forward dash to pierce your enemies and a jump to bring down your wrath. There are, however, 4 skills that you can activate as you wish (subject to a waiting period), which I'll leave you to discover for yourself. Attack may seem the best defence, but that's not particularly true of Dark Sword. You'll be able to equip yourself and upgrade your armour for cash. Note that the sword can be upgraded in the same way.

As for the gameplay, like most mobile games, it doesn't shine in terms of depth - pressing a few keys doesn't generally require a great deal of skill. The strength of this title lies in its horizontal scrolling, so you sometimes have to turn around to face monsters coming at your back. This adds to the difficulty and makes your moves a little more technical. This is where the game really comes into its own. For the less courageous (or those looking for a casual experience), an auto move and an auto attack are available. On the whole, the game remains fluid and enjoyable to play, apart from the fact that you have to redo old levels in the hope of finding better equipment. That's easy to forgive, though, as the 'farming' (meaning redoing the same level in order to gain experience or items) that is typical of RPGs and Hack n' Slash games. The game also has a Hardcore mode that will make you sweat.

dark sword 9

And the background?

The game itself is interesting. It has a very varied bestiary, so you won't always see the same monsters over and over again. The game is punctuated by bosses that are also different. What's more, the bosses and their minions are all willing to use different abilities and attacks. In this way, Nanoo Company has opted for diversity so as not to tire the player. It's a particularly successful approach. The game also has a dark graphic style that is particularly well reflected in the design of the monsters and the backgrounds used for levelling. However, that's where it stops, as the levels all look the same and ultimately lack any real depth, given that the change of scenery only applies every ten levels. Let's not be petty, though, and remember that the game is enhanced by a rather pleasant soundtrack.


My opinion

If you're a fan of Hack n' Slash and dark atmospheres, this is the game for you. The game is interesting and, let's face it, fun to play. It doesn't take long to get the hang of. Although the game is free to play, you won't need to make any real investment other than your time. In short, Dark Sword remains a nugget of Dark fantasy. To say it's a must-have wouldn't be an exaggeration, but it's well worth a diversion.

Dark Sword review: Our opinion about this mobile game

Positive points

  • Atmosphere
  • Hardcore mode
  • Monster and boss diversity

Negative points

  • A game offering little more
  • Redundancy may block some players
Dark Sword banner
  • Gameplay - 6
  • Atmosphere - 9
  • Playability - 7
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