List of Bingo Blitz promo codes in 2024 | Free and valid

Bingo Blitz promo codes

In Bingo Blitz, it's all about credits, The more credits you earn, the more rounds you partake in. Promo codes are an in-game feature that blesses players with free credits. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to find Bingo Blitz promo codes today and earn the essential credits.

How to get Bingo Blitz promo codes daily?

Promo codes are among the numerous methods of collecting free credits. Players can easily redeem these Bingo Blitz promo codes in-game, earning essential credits for their next round. The game developers release promo codes occasionally via their social media platforms. Sadly, these codes aren't released on a daily basis and only appear once a month or so.

However, the good news is Bingo Blitz does release free credit links daily and offers multiple other ways to increase your credits.

List of all Bingo Blitz promo codes

Looking to expand your credit balance in Bingo Blitz? Check out some Bingo Blitz promo codes today and enjoy some more bingo rounds!

Active Bingo Blitz promo codes

Currently, only a handful of Bingo Blitz promo codes are still active. Don't miss out on claiming their rewards before it's too late. Here is a list of these gift codes:

  • HUNT
  • CLUE1
  • Twitterfirstgift

  • Quest

  • Nowthatsbingo

  • Fbgift4u

  • Playnow

Each of these promo codes rewards players with 20x credits. Once you've used a promo code, it'll become invalid for you as it can only be redeemed once. If any of the Bingo Blitz promo codes aren't working, let us know in the comments and we'll remove them.

How to use promo codes to get free credits on Android or iOS?

Regardless of Android or iOS, claiming rewards from promo codes is a quick process that instantly grants you credits. Follow the steps below to claim credits from Bingo Blitz promo codes:

  1. Find an active promo code.

  2. Start the Bingo Blitz game on your device.

  3. Click on the menu tab (three lines in the top-right corner of the screen).

  4. Look for the "Promo Code" option within the menu and click on it.

    Enter code in Bingo Blitz promo codes

  5. Enter the promo code into the designated field.

  6. Press the "Redeem" button to complete the process. Once redeemed, you'll instantly receive 20x credits as your reward.

Note: If the code doesn't work, it may be because you've already claimed it or it has expired.

If you want, check out Avatar World promo codes and My Hotpot Story codes to progress in other games.

Other ways to earn credits in Bingo Blitz

Yes, we agree relying solely on promo codes isn't enough when it comes to collecting credits. Worry not, Bingo Blitz ensures players never run out of credits. Here are some other ways to earn credits in Bingo Blitz:

  • Use Bingo Blitz free credit links: Bingo Blitz releases new links daily. Upon clicking on them, players earn free credits as a reward. To save you from the hassle, we have listed these links in our Bingo Blitz free credit links guide.

  • Connect with your Facebook account: Make sure to connect your Bingo Blitz account with your Facebook account. This way your game progress will be saved plus you'll receive free credits as a thank-you gift.

  • Utilize the Gift Center feature: Bingo Blitz has an in-game feature called Gift Center. You'll receive gifts from fellow players which include credits.

  • Follow Bingo Blitz on social media: Last but not least, follow Bingo Blitz on Facebook, X, and Instagram. They post about giveaways, events, links, and promo codes. If you stay updated with their social media platforms, you'll never miss out on these important events.

    Twitter (X) Bingo Blitz

That's all for today. We hope this Bingo Blitz promo codes list helped you gain some necessary credits. Did you enjoy giving this article a read? Do check out our Codes section to discover more codes for other titles.

Happy Gaming!

FAQ - Bingo Blitz Promo Codes

Do promo codes expire at Bingo Blitz?

Promotional codes expire after a certain period of time. However, these codes remain active for much longer than the links. Most promo codes remain active for months before becoming invalid.

Are Bingo Blitz promo codes a safe option?

You don't have to worry about security. Every promo code we've mentioned is published by the game developers themselves.

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