List of Avatar World Promo Codes for 2024 | Free and Valid

Avatar World promotional code

Pazu Games is known for its imaginative, kid-friendly games that allow players to unleash their creativity in various ways. Among these treasures is Avatar World: City Life, a role-playing title filled with interactive locations. You can start collecting items for your character's room and enjoy the game to its fullest. Check out some Avatar World promo codes to unlock new items for your room and let your imagination soar!

How to add Avatar World promo codes?

Claiming rewards from Avatar World promo codes is a straightforward process. Once you've found a promo code, follow the steps below to collect some impressive decoration items:

  1. Launch the game.

  2. Visit the in-game store by pressing the icon in the bottom-right corner.

  3. Scroll all the way to the end, and a Promo Code option will appear.

    enter avatar world promo codes to get special gifts

  4. Click on it; a pop-up will appear.

  5. Here, enter the code and click on Redeem.

  6. The game will redirect you to your room, and the gift will appear through a drone.

You'll receive a bunch of decor items from each Avatar World promo code you redeem. Drag and drop them wherever you want! You can also check our My Hotpot Story codes, or even the Monopoly GO free dice links to get more rewards for your favourite games.

List of valid Avatar World promo codes in July 2024

The most engaging aspect of Avatar World is how detailed the customization features are. There are numerous items, such as furniture and decoration pieces, ready to be claimed. Use these active Avatar World promo codes and expand your inventory:

  • Jellypop

  • Pizzanya

  • Rbowfree

  • Morejelly

  • Jelly4tod

  • Nalitos

  • Eligamer

  • Rbstyle

  • Colormeow

  • Rainbgift

  • Lunaticos

  • Solfans

Each promo code is redeemable only once and doesn't give rewards repeatedly. The promo codes mentioned above are all actively working. However, if you encounter any issues with them, let us know in the comments below.

Where can I find Avatar World promo codes?

Avatar World promo codes are released directly by the developers through different social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The codes are mostly released on Avatar World events. Since the codes are coming from the developers themselves, they're 100% safe.

The best way to keep up with them is by bookmarking this list and revisiting it every once in a while, or else it'll be a hassle finding the codes.

Avatar World promo code option

Now that you've hopefully collected a plethora of impressive items by using the Avatar World promo code list, you can start decorating your room and get even more creative. Do check out our Codes section to discover more gift codes for other similar games. Happy Gaming!

FAQ- Avatar World promo codes

Do the Avatar World codes expire?

Although Avatar World: City Life promo codes expire, the good news is that each code remains valid for months before becoming invalid. So players have plenty of time to claim the rewards of each code.

Are there other ways to get Avatar World promo codes?

Apart from promo codes published by the developers themselves, there are no other options. Be wary of people sharing suspicious codes on Facebook or in Discord groups, as they could be viruses.

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