List of My Hotpot Story codes from 2024 | Free and valid

My Hotpot Story codes

Take advantage of My Hotpot Story codes to develop your restaurant and become a gastronomic powerhouse! My Hotpot Story is a simulation game that takes place in a restaurant. Gift vouchers are particularly useful in helping you grow from a small stall to a well-known restaurant. They'll allow you toexpand your establishment, develop your menu by unlocking new recipes, or hire more staff to welcome more customers. Put on your chef's hat, we'll take care of the rest!

How to add My Hotpot Story codes?

Thanks to My Hotpot Story codes, players will have no trouble receiving resources to help their restaurant grow. Most codes offer Diamonds, an essential resource for expanding. Sometimes you'll also be lucky enough to receive Cash, the game's virtual currency, or even recipes.

To get all the rewards offered by these great My Hotpot Story codes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the game from your Android or iOS application.

  2. Once in the game, click on the megaphone icon on the right of your screen.

Add My Hotpot Story codes

  1. In the "Redemption code" box, enter the My Hotpot Story codes and click "Get".

Activate My Hotpot Story codes

  1. The reward will be credited directly to your account!

It's so easy, isn't it? :-)

We see you coming, you little gourmets! We're going to dash your hopes, but you can't use the same My Hotpot Story code more than once. Each code can only be used once per account, and for a limited time only. We check daily that each coupon is valid and add new active codes. All these codes come directly from the game publisher, and are therefore 100% legal. No need to worry!

And if you're a seasoned gamer, maybe you'll need codes for Family Island free energy or other games?

List of all My Hotpot Story codes in July 2024

Don't miss out on any codes by checking this article regularly. Don't hesitate to bookmark it so you can access it in just a few clicks!

  • XmasMagic

  • Hotpot

  • food

We've rounded up all the My Hotpot Story codes that are currently valid and can be used to obtain useful in-game rewards. Redeem them now to improve your restaurant!

Where can I find My Hotpot Story codes?

To make sure you don't miss out on any gift codes, we also advise you to keep an eye out for new codes and events on the official My Hotpot Story distribution channels, such as

To save you time searching through numerous sites, we've put all the My Hotpot Story codes on this single article. To save time and get all the valid codes, you'll need to check this article regularly! What's more, we're offering you the chance to claim rewards for other games: check out our Monopoly GO free dice links, or our Grand Harvest Solitaire free coins links!

My Hotpot Story restaurant meal

We've listed all the codes that are currently valid for My Hotpot Story. All that's left for you to do is go into your restaurant and concoct your Fondue du Bonheur for all your customers, and improve it to become a must-try address. Take the time to improve, and have fun!

If you notice that one of these codes has expired, but still appears online, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll remove it from the list. Take a look at our various articles dedicated to codes on and find what you're looking for!

FAQ - My Hotpot Story codes

Do My Hotpot Story codes expire?

Yes, like many other game codes, My Hotpot Story codes have a limited validity period. We try to ensure that they are always active and valid so that you can receive all the rewards available!

Can I use the same code several times?

It is not possible to use the same code several times on the same account. However, you can pass it on to your friends - as long as the code is active, it can be used by any account that hasn't already used it!

I've been told that I can't claim the code rewards, why?

This probably means that the code is no longer valid, or that it has already been used. We advise you to try other codes from the list to obtain the rewards and progress in your game.

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