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War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn
Downloads: + 5 000 000

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn is a strategy war game at turn-based. You play as a lord and must manage your city and implement military strategies to fight other lords. Be tactical to train your soldiers for battle, collect as many resources as possible, build important buildings and upgrade your research technologies! To win each battle, you will need to create powerful alliances with other players.

Players are spread across a number of servers (called realms) and the emphasis is on teamwork (alliances). Belonging to an alliance has various benefits, such as sharing resources and troops as well as an alliance skill tree once the alliance has reached level 10. Players will spend some of their time in their own city doing administrative tasks such as upgrading buildings, collecting resources and recruiting troops, but the majority of the game takes place outside of the cities where players will inspect the server (realm) with an exploration team that is led by a Hero.

Save your battery and play with better performance by downloading War and Magic on PC.

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